24 Inch Monitor - Reviews 2023

By:Ayesha Bashir

When watching in 1080p or FHD, 24 inch monitors are the industry standard. A 24-inch screen will offer clearer and more vivid image quality despite the fact that FHD is also available in 27-inch and 32-inch monitors. This is due to the 24-inch screen’s higher pixel density, or more pixels per inch, than a larger screen. The HP X24ih, which is less expensive than the ViewSonic XG2431, is a terrific option for gamers looking for the best 24 inch monitor they can afford. Its 1080p resolution and screen size are the same, but its key distinction is that it has a lower refresh rate of 144Hz. Although not perfect for high-frame-rate gaming, this is an excellent option if you’re new to PC gaming and have a budget graphics card.

An output device that shows information in text or graphic form is a computer monitor. A discrete monitor consists of an external user control panel, a visual display, support circuitry, a power supply, and enclosure. In the beginning, video was processed on television sets while data was done on computer monitors. Screen tearing is decreased since visuals change more quickly and smoothly with a refresh rate of 75Hz.Most modern televisions and computer monitors can be used interchangeably. It may be necessary to use additional devices, such as a DTA box, in order to use a computer monitor as a TV set because the majority of computer monitors do not come with built-in speakers, TV tuners, or remote controls.

AOC 24-inch monitor Full HD IPS 24B2XH with 3-sided frameless design of 24 inch monitor

AOC 24B2XH 24" Full HD IPS Monitor, 3-Sided Frameless & Ultra Slim HDMI and VGA inputs, Lowblue Mode, VESA compatible,Black

With all of the necessary functions in a modern style, the new AOC 24 Inch monitor B2 Series offers even more vivid imagery. The 24 inch monitor (23. 8″ Viewable) IPS screen of the AOC 24B2XH provides rich colors and a wide viewing angle, guaranteeing you receive the best imagery in almost all sitting situations. 

AOC 24 Inch monitor looks amazing on any desk or surroundings thanks to its 3-sided frameless and ultra-thin design. You can also effortlessly place it on any walls or tables thanks to the VESA compatible mounts (mounting hardware not included).

Product Feature:

  • AOC 24 Inch monitor with (23. 8″ Viewable) LED-lit full HD 1920×1080.
  • Streamlined design: 3-sided frameless construction with an incredibly small profile for a neat appearance of a 24 inch monitor.
  • compatible with the majority of outputs Most PCs can be connected with ease using the HDMI x1 (HDMI cable provided) and VGA x1 ports. Built-in 3. The 5mm audio-out port makes it simple to connect your speakers or headphones.
  • For your health: To make computing sessions more comfortable, AOC 24 Inch monitor low-Blue mode and flicker-free technology work to cut down on the damaging Blue spectrum of light and eliminate flicker.


There is a plastic cover under the arm you have to remove, just pry it up from the bottom and under it remove 4 screws then remove the arm and replace the plastic cover. Use something thin and plastic to remove the cover.

I use this as a computer monitor but it has two HDMI Inputs so you could plug a BluRay player into it for pictures. You would have to have external speakers to add to it as it only has an audio out port. Repeat, there are NO speakers in this as it is a Monitor and not a television.

There are two VERY SMALL notches in the plastic plate where the stand attaches to the back of the monitor. Pop those with a thin screwdriver. There will be 4 phillips-head screws holding the metal plate that attaches the stand. Unscrew those, remove the metal plate, and stand, and replace the plastic plate.

Yeah – I just got mine an hour ago and couldn’t believe the height wasn’t adjustable. Very bad design. I think I can use it but if it was an inch higher, it would be going back! Also wish it was a tighter curve but I couldn’t find any with less than a 1500mm radius. Again, barely acceptable.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

JM: “Purchased this AOC 24 inch monitor and reviewed that  Love it!”  Love this. I use this for work, so 60hz works for me. FYI- you need a DP cable. The hdmi got me to 30hz but idk if it is my computer (MacBook M1 chip) is the issue. Also, since I’m looking at emails and excels all day, I couldn’t really tell the difference between 30 and 60hz.

24 inch 144Hz monitor, 1ms, FHD 1920x1080, Class Frameless Gaming Monitor, with AOC G2490VX 24 inch monitor

AOC G2490VX 24" Class Frameless Gaming Monitor, FHD 1920x1080, 1ms 144Hz, FreeSync Premium, 126% sRGB / 93% DCI-P3, 3Yr Re-Spawned Zero Dead Pixels, Black

With AOC Gaming 24 inch monitor G2490VX, you may enter the world of e-sports. It has ultra-narrow bezels on three sides, giving it a look that surpasses that of competitive models. Users are given all the benefits they need for competitive gaming thanks to its 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and support for Adaptive-Sync.Included in the box are a 24 inch 144hz monitor with a stand, a power cord, an HDMI cable, and QSG.

Wide-viewing angles with tilt adjustability and a 24 inch monitor class widescreen with a 23.8″ viewable image size, 16:9 aspect ratio, 1920×1080 Full HD resolution Adaptive-Sync technology from AMD FreeSync premium.AOC Low Blue Mode Technology with Flicker Free modern, three-sided, frameless design with top-notch colors (black and red) connectors for one DisplayPort and one HDMI (1.4).

Product Feature:

  • The 1920×1080 Full HD Resolution VA Panel on the 24 inch 144hz monitor with class (23.8″ Viewable) AOC Gaming display has a rapid 1ms response time (MPRT), 144Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync Premium for incredibly smooth competitive gameplay of 24 inch monitor.
  • 3 years of zero-bright-dot coverage, 3 years of advance replacement, and 1 year of accidental damage color spectrum coverage of 125.95% sRGB and 92.85% DCI-P3 for true-to-life photos.
  • Products with electrical plugs are made with American consumers in mind. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, A 24 inch 144hz monitor might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. Before buying, kindly verify compatibility.


I don’t notice any bleeding, clear picture and nice brightness and contrast settings, I personally set my contrast so it’s not blinding at night. And the 1920×1080 is smooth, can easily handle high fps for indie and classic games and constant 60 if not better on modern titles with no tearing

To me, oc means “overclock” which isn’t something that affects the monitor. If you meant gc for “graphics card” then, yes you need something to drive it; but any graphics processor would manage it.Doesn’t have to be a card; I ran it for a while with the internal igp from the processor.

The only thing that I might try is see if there is a download fix for this from A.O.C. I remember before purchasing my 27 ” unit that said they had downloads to improve performance of their monitors. I am sure A.O.C. would try to help you if you contacted me about this and all they might have to do is e-mail you a download for a fix. Good Luck.

Amazon Customer: Purchased this 24 144hz inch monitor and reviewed that  “Amazing gaming monitor ” This is an incredible monitor. It does not have sound built in but is okay. If you want the best experience, make sure to pair with a console that has at least 144 hz refresh rate, otherwise you are going to see pixels on the screen

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Amazon Customer: Purchased this 24 144hz inch monitor and reviewed that  “Amazing gaming monitor ” This is an incredible monitor. It does not have sound built in but is okay. If you want the best experience, make sure to pair with a console that has at least 144 hz refresh rate, otherwise you are going to see pixels on the screen

KOORUI 24 inch monitor Full HD 1920 x 1080p VA Display 75Hz 3000:1 Contrast Ratio Computer Monitor with HDMI

KOORUI 24 Inch Computer Monitor Full HD 1920 x 1080p VA Display 75Hz 3000:1 Contrast Ratio with HDMI, VGA, Frameless, 75 x 75 mm VESA Mountable, Ergonomic Tilt, Black

Refresh rate of 75 Hz

KOORUI Watch The user can enjoy the display with clarity and precision thanks to the 75Hz refresh rate’s faster and smoother image changes, as well as a reduction in ghosting and blurring.

Eye Protector Mode

This 24inch monitor uses cutting-edge DC dimming free-flicker screen technology to eliminate the issue of typical screen flickering, which can significantly reduce eye fatigue and increase eye comfort.

Product Featu:re

  • SHARE THE PANORAMIC VIEW: The 24 inch monitor uses a new generation of VA screen that covers 99% of the SRGB color gamut and has an 8-bit gray level over 16.7 million color options. Thus, the business monitor can display brilliant details and 100% pure colors. Additionally, this VA monitor’s 178° broad viewing angle enables you to enjoy crystal-clear, razor-sharp, and sensitive images from any position.
  • Extremely comfortable viewing: Tilt the screen up to 5 degrees forward or 15 degrees back to get your ideal viewing angle while maintaining comfort. With Flicker-Free technology and a Blue Light Filter, you may play games or work continuously without experiencing eye fatigue.
  • The KOORUI 24 inch monitor business computer monitor uses an edgeless design, which is extremely slim.


Yes! It is just a monitor, and will work with ANY computer that can use a monitor, including Windows 10 computers. It has one HDMI input (most common on modern computers), and one VGA input (most common on much older computers). So, basically it will work for anything/everything that needs a monitor.

It comes with HDMI and VGA ports. If your Mac doesn’t have either one of those ports, you can buy the corresponding converter, and then there’s no reason for the monitor not to work. It is a very good quality monitor.

Hi Chris. I’ve got to think that you’re being very sarcastic as your attached video shows the exact jack that you are asking about. So, clearly it does indeed have a 3.5mm audio out jack for you to plug speakers (or headphones) into. Both images (and your video) of this monitor show that the 3.5mm audio out jack is right beside the DC (power) jack.

This monitor supports HDMI. PS5 uses their own high speed HDMI cable that came with the system. If you do not have a High Speed HDMI you can purchase one from Amazon. So the answer is yes this monitor will support PS5 HDMI cable.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Bridget Mcgehee: Purchased this 24 inch monitor and reviewed that “Good and Cheap Monitor” If you’re looking for a good cheap monitor, this is definitely the one you want. It’s a pretty good size screen and it’s easy to assemble. It has a light film of brightness but you can just change the display to make darker colors pop. There are no pixel spots. All stats are correct from the site and packaging. I wouldn’t try to get the SCEPTRE monitor if you want a cheap monitor.

Professional 24 inch monitor Thin 75Hz 1080p LED Monitor from Sceptre with 2 HDMI VGA In-Built Speakers

Original Product title.... Original Product title.... Original Product title.... Original Product title....

The Sceptre E248W-19203R display is the way to go whether you enjoy gaming or watching movies. On a 24 inch monitor, a 1080P resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) produces beautiful color and image detail. The best degree of clarity is seen in action sequences with a 5 millisecond response time. To connect any video and gaming equipment, take advantage of the HDMI and VGA inputs.

Fast response times lessen ghosting and blurring as pixels shift, always maintaining the adversary and the surrounding area sharply in focus amid hectic situations.Several Ports

Up to 75HZ refresh rate is provided via two HDMI and one VGA port, improving visual clarity in all action-packed game scenes and graphic design tasks. A Headphone Jack and Audio In provide a variety of audio options.

Built-in speakers produce powerful & smooth audio while taking up less room on your desk, making them 24 inch monitors ideal for business & gaming environments.

Product Feature:

  • Ultra-slim profile of 24 inch monitor modern, sleek metallic style slim chassis and a thin bezel HDMI ports, two (convertible to DVI) ready for VESA wall mount mounting kind Hole Pattern for VESA 100 × 100 mm at 75 Hz, Freshness Rate Internal Speakers, LED Display Quick Response Time. 
  • Products with electrical plugs are made with American consumers in mind. 
  • Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, a 24 inch monitor might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. Before buying, kindly verify compatibility.


Yea, it works perfectly well with VESA 100mm x 100mm mounts. I want to provide a cautionary tale though, as following the instructions I encountered some difficulties. I broke this monitor (my own fault), and had to replace it. Recovering the vesa mount was a pain, as it anchors into a nut that is itself threaded onto the monitor. This nut had came loose for my top two mount screws, so I had to disassemble the monitor to access them before I could reclaim my mount for the new monitor.

The size of the screen is 24 inches. You have to measure monitors and flat screen TV’s diagonally. Whoever said it is 21 in , you were measuring it horizontally across, and not diagonally. It is a true 24 on screen.

The monitor has the vesa mount standard 100x100mm (Screw dimension: M4x7 mm). For use only with a wall mount bracket with minimum weight/load bearing capacity of 7.83 lbs.You can take for example this wall mount > bestitems.biz/mounting-dream-md2463 < I’m very happy with it.

Not sure I understand the question clearly, but if you’re asking if you can hook an xbox up to this monitor directly without any other devices, yes. It has an HDMI input and that’s all an xbox needs.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Rikki: Purchased this 24 inch monitor and reviewed that “Excellent, with one caveat” This monitor is well packaged, has a great HDMI picture, with 75hz refresh (so less flicker on faster moving objects, like gaming). 

Exclusive samsung monitor 24 inch Gamer Settings, 144 Hz, 4 ms, samsung 24 curved monitor 24 inch monitor CRG5

SAMSUNG 24" CRG5 Curved Gaming Monitor, 144Hz, 4ms, Exclusive Gamer Settings, AMD Radeon FreeSync, Eye Saver Mode, 3000:1 Contrast Ratio, Black

Samsung monitor 24 inch CRG5 Curved Gaming allows gamers to get fully immersed in with the1800R curved screen. No matter what you are playing, get the feeling of being pulled in as your game’s world wraps around you, and enjoy smooth and clear action every moment. A refresh rate of up to 144Hz samsung 24 curved monitor puts you ahead, even in the most demanding games. Spot the enemy instantly and notice tiny crucial changes in every scene. 

Get ideal settings for your game with exclusive gaming features. Game Mode optimally adjusts black gamma levels, contrast, sharpness, and color for any game genre. Low Input Lag Mode minimizes delays between your input devices and display. Virtual AimPoint centers the target on the 24 inch monitor screen for more precise attacks on the enemy. No more choppy gameplay. AMD Radeon FreeSync eliminates image tears for exceptionally smooth, fast-action gaming.

Product Featu:re

  • DIVE INTO THE CURVE: The 1800R curved screen of the CRG5 Gaming 24 inch monitor immerses you completely in every game.With the deepest curvature of any display, the samsung 24 curved monitor provides a genuinely immersive viewing experience. With its 1800mm radius of arc for increased curvature, the 1800R screen creates a broader field of view, improves depth perception, and reduces peripheral distractions to bring you deeper into your material.
  • QUICK, SLEEK VISUALS: Even in the most demanding games, a refresh rate of up to 144Hz keeps you ahead with fluid and clear action at all times.Samsung monitor 24 inch curvature will totally immerse you in all of your multimedia content, whether it is an online movie, a favorite TV show, or a heart-pounding game.


Let’s imagine you want to play a video or display something on your Samsung Smart Monitor, but connecting a keyboard or mouse isn’t practical. The versatile remote control that comes with the Samsung Smart Monitor comes in handy in this circumstance.

Your Eyes Will Feel More Comfortable on Curved Monitors. The same physical principles that prevent curved screens from distorting also make them more comfortable to use. In essence, the monitors’ curvature makes it possible for our eyes to take in everything at once without getting tired.

Let’s imagine you want to play a video or display something on your Samsung Smart Monitor, but connecting a keyboard or mouse isn’t practical. The versatile remote control that comes with the Samsung Smart Monitor comes in handy in this circumstance.

Visit the Samsung support website, click “search for your model number,” and input your model number to obtain the most recent firmware for your display. Select Software and Manuals. To download firmware, select download.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kenneth Bone: Purchased this samsung monitor 24 inch, samsung 24 curved monitor and reviewed that  Great for the priceI would definitely recommend this particular monitor if you’re looking for an affordable curved screen. I would definitely recommend this product. Do be warned that if you plan on mounting this to an arm mount, third-party mounting accessories are required.

24 Inch monitor IPS 1080P FHD Computer Monitor with Built-In Speakers, BenQ GW2480

BenQ GW2480 24 Inch IPS 1080P FHD Computer Monitor with Built In Speakers, Proprietary Eye-Care Tech, Adaptive Brightness for Image Quality, Ultra-Slim Bezel and Edge to Edge Display

BenQ GW2480 24 inch monitor frameless combines ultra-slim bezels with hidden cable management and is designed for stunning simplicity. Industry-leading Brightness Intelligence Technology produces fine details in any ambient lighting environment, enhancing BenQ’s proprietary Eye-Care Technology with Low Blue Light Technology and Flicker-Free performance for extended viewing comfort. 

The GW2480 offers a new level of visual enjoyment with truly true colors, deeper blacks, better contrast, and crisper details thanks to the perfect marriage of LED and IPS technologies. There are the following connections in a 24 inch monitor: D-sub: D-sub x1, DVI: no, HDMI Out: no, HDMI: HDMI (v1.4) x1, and Displayport: yes.

Product Featu:re

  • Work Comfortably and Effectively: Edge-to-edge display on a 24 inch monitor 1080P FHD enables you to concentrate on the crucial job. In one location, you may work, play, and study!
  • Adaptive Brightness for Image Quality: Our Brightness Intelligence (B.I.) technology improves display performance for work and play in order to safeguard your vision while simultaneously producing a magnificent image.
  • Ultra-Slim Bezel: An extended view is possible thanks to the ultra-slim bezel, and any home office would benefit from the stylish design and space-saving base.
  • Access content with ease using the HDMI, DP, and VGA connectors due to seamless connectivity 24 inch monitor IPS 1080P FHD.


I have the 24 inch and the sound is very low, but there is a line-out. I was able to plug the xfinity flex box to the HDMI-IN and just got small speakers and a vuala! Working TV. No need for another monstrosity in my small space. Love the flexibility of this! Big TV would look ridiculous in my place and this is perfect both is space and saving money as I already had it.

4 5/8″ which puts the vertical center of the display above eye level, very uncomfortable viewing position if you wear glasses. I’ll get a VESA adjustable desk stand ($33) to replace the Mickey Mouse OEM stand.

As previously stated, you would likely want to either zoom the document, or go with a slightly lower than native resolution for a 3 foot viewing distance. If you are working on text documents primarily, you should consider Bensonjon’s tip on using 1 or 2 monitors in portrait mode. gives you a nice large document view and will make work much easie

I am on the road at the moment but my calculations say that the monitor is 25 by 14 which means the monitor sits about 5″ high and a 25×14 gives you a 16×9 format which this unit has. PS, you can get a cheap wall mount unit to mount the monitor with. Its pretty light.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Maxwell Simard: Purchased this 24 inch monitor and reviewed that  “Easy set up” Easy set up. Large. Good value for the price. I have an older laptop, so I wasn’t looking for a top of the line gaming monitor with the best graphics. Having the built-in speakers are nice, and the monitor worked right away with plugging it into my computer. No need to download drivers from somewhere else. Would recommend it!

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