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Instead of being restricted to a single viewing position, flexible monitor arms, mounts, and stands let you make several changes and re-adjustments to height and tilt of your screen. To allow you to alternate between sitting and standing, sit-stand solutions with adjustable arms can be a terrific addition of dell dual monitor stand. A study by Jon Peddie Research found that multiple display workstations can boost productivity by up to 42%. It can be time-consuming to switch between various windows and computer programmes or to search through all open files for missing spreadsheet. By allowing you to work on numerous screens simultaneously, multiple screens can increase productivity and make work more fun with less downtime and stress.

Adjustable dell dual monitor stand can make more positions are possible with several adjustable monitors. Use three monitors and regularly turn your head to the side as you work, or set one monitor vertically and the other horizontally. Use various brightness levels for work on various screens, and move your eyes around more regularly when looking at other monitors to reduce eye strain when using multiple monitors.

Use dell monitor mount to make your workspace more immersive and concentrated. Employees will comprehend the importance of monitors for their work if screens are made main focal point of the workstation. For those who need to divide their work across numerous screens, such as designers, planners, gamers, and anybody else whose job requires switching between various programmes, dual, triple, and quadruple monitors are excellent.

Dell Monitor Stand (Black), dell dual monitor arm

Dell Dual Monitor Stand – MDS19, Black

The dell dual monitor arm– MDS19 attaches up to two 27-inch monitors while saving space and giving you the screen space, you need for maximum productivity. The dell dual monitor arm – MDS19 was created to have a 30% smaller footprint and a greater viewing distance than its predecessor, freeing up valuable space in front of you for writing and referencing while also providing better viewing comfort. 

This dell dual monitor stand thoughtful design includes cable management features that neatly conceal cords. Your cables can be arranged by channeling them within the stand and via the circular cable hole. The curved crossbar’s cable clamps keep the cables neatly concealed and out of way. Dell dual monitor arm tilt ranges from -5 to 24 degrees, rotation ranges from -90 to 90 degrees, and swivel ranges from -10 to 15 degrees. Maximum Mounting Pattern Dimensions: 3.9 by 3.9. Enjoy the product.

Product Feature:

  • Dell Ultra-Sharp or Series monitors can be quickly attached without need of screws or other equipment by simply snapping display panels into
  • position. Optimized for 19″ to 27″ VESA compatible monitor panels, Dell Series displays, Dell Ultra-Sharp and Series monitors with Dell Quick release. Mount the Dell Series or VESA-compatible monitor using the provided VESA adaptor plate.
  • Weight of Package: 10.274 kg
  • Dimensions of package: 18.415 L x 86.36 H x 50.8 W
  • Dell dual monitor arm- MDS19 mounts two 27-inch monitors while saving space and giving you the screen space, you need for maximum productivity. The dell dual monitor arm- MDS19 was created to have a 30% smaller footprint and a larger viewing distance than its predecessor, freeing up valuable space in front of you for writing and referencing while also providing increased viewing comfort.
  • This dell dual monitor stand’s thoughtful design includes cable management elements that neatly conceal cords from view.


It includes two Vesa adapter plates. Two Vesa adapter are enough for this monitor. You can use it very easily. It is amazing product with advanced features. Enjoy your product and its features efficiently.

It is not a rectangle at the base. With the shorter (and straighter) side in the front and the longer (slightly curved) side in the back, it resembles a trapezoid. A rectangle of 19″ x 10″ can accommodate it.

Regrettably, no. The connection to the monitor stand will fill the VESA port on the monitor. The NUC might balance on top of the mount, but it won’t be able to connect to the VESA port. So it will does not allow to vesa an intel behind the monitor.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Woo Hyeok Kang: purchased dell dual monitor arm and reviewed that “It’s heavier than you think, and no height adjustment” This works on the S series Dell monitors (S2721QS). I was able to install two dell monitors on this stand in no time!

Dell monitor arm, Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand (Black/Silver)

Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand (5TPP7), Black/Silver

Dell monitor arm is DUAL MONITOR STAND FOR MDS14. Easy to install, use. Highly durable product. Manufactured in china. Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand features several adjustments including tilt, swivel, and horizontal sliding of displays on stand to maximize your viewing comfort and increase your productivity. 

It may quickly attach two Dell monitor panels with VESA compatibility and benefit from increased productivity and tidy workstation. Thanks to cable management slot on stand riser, its U-shaped monitor stand reduces cable clutter and frees up useful desk space in front of displays. 

Dual monitor stand’s two included adaptors guarantee that it can connect to any VESA-compliant display. Dell dual monitor stand, this product has undergone testing and validation. When used with Dell machine, it is supported by Dell Technical Support. Dell Dual Monitor arm makes it simple to adjust alignment and positioning of two monitors to your chosen setting for maximum comfort.

Product Feature:

  • Display Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1200
  • Screen Size 60.96″
  • Dell brand, 16:9 aspect ratio, LCD display
  • Produced in china
  • Dell Dual Monitor arm orientation can be changed for comfort and productivity.
  • For two monitors of equal or different sizes, the stand allows for height, tilt, and swivel adjustments. The two monitors can slide laterally as result, keeping them always on same plane.
    Designed with
  • Dell displays in mind:
    The stand is designed to work best with Dell Dual Monitor stand when mounted using Quick Release system from Dell. Without using screws, Dell Quick Release enables you to quickly and securely snap monitor into position.
  • Get rid of mess and take back your workspace:
    Dell Dual Monitor arm cleverly constructed U-shaped base makes it possible to replace two monitor stands with just one, saving space. Utilize extra room you now have in front of you for gathering references, and other duties.


A screwdriver and an Allen wrench were the only tools we required. The monitor arm came with an Allen wrench. This is simple to install if your desk has a lip; however, installing it on a desk with a cutout in the top will be more difficult. We bought two, and they’re great! We have so much extra desk space, and we can change the height to suit the user. Our purchase has met all of our expectations.

Yes, this monitor contains many features along with the multiple monitor heights. This stand does allow for multiple monitor heights. The monitor mounts can move left and right in a radius of at least 30 degrees and up to 4-6″ in each direction.

Yes, you can. I think the only method to attach a monitor such that it is vertical rather than horizontal is to use a visa mount adapter and put it 90 degrees off the horizontal plane. It is fantastic product.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Diane: purchased dell monitor arm and reviewed that “Impressive.” Very sturdy and slightly heavy monitor stand. Bought it for work and we have dell monitors so the setup was really easy using the “Vesa” feature of just clipping monitor to stand. No screws. Base is a little larger than others but it is easy to work around. On sale do it was a good buy.

Dell Dual Monitor Stand (MDS14A), Dell dual monitor stand

Dell Dual Monitor Stand - MDS14A

Use the Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand to work ergonomically and comfortably. With the help of this stand, you can quickly adjust alignment and orientation of two monitors to create the ideal workspace. It takes displays of various sizes and can handle two monitors that are up to 14.3 lb. each and up to 24″ (diagonal) piece. The two displays may slide laterally and are always on the same plane thanks to the MDS14’s height, tilt, and swivel adjustments. Enables the lateral sliding of the two monitors, ensuring that they are always on same plane. 

Dell dual monitor stand Quick Release mounting technology is what makes this stand ideal for Dell monitors, but it also comes with VESA plate adapters for use with VESA-compliant monitors. To conserve desk space, it has U-shaped base, and integrated cable management keeps your workspace organized. Designed with Dell displays in mind and enjoy product.

Product Feature:

  • 24-inch screen
  • Name-brand Specific Applications for the Product Desktop Display Technology LCD Dell Special Feature
  • Dell dual monitor stand entire range of adjustment includes with height adjustment range of 4.33 inches, swivel and tilt ranges of +/-15 degrees and +20 to -4 degrees, respectively, and this stand gives you flexibility to line up your screens precisely or place them wherever best serves your purposes. Dell dual monitor stand can slide whole length of crossbar thanks to this.
  • Additionally, the stand has integrated cable management that is tucked away in a slot in the stand riser. For cleaner, more comfortable workspace, neatly tuck your cables and cords inside the slot.
  • Multi-adjustment features of the Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand, which include ability to tilt, swivel, and horizontally move displays on stand.
  • It may quickly attach two Dell monitor panels with VESA compatibility and benefit from increased productivity and a tidy workstation.


There are numerous ways to pay. After you place an order on our website, a sales representative will get in touch with you to help you choose the payment option that will be most suitable for you.

Of course, you have the right to return the furniture if it is damaged or if one of the other situations stated in the section on cancellation rights in our Terms and Conditions applies.

Yes, this stand can adjust its height very easily according to your needs and adjusting eye level. This feature is very much needed because the user should be easy to use the product. Thank you for concerning us.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Michael P: purchased dell dual monitor stand and reviewed that “I have 2-24 inch ‘Dell’ diagonal monitors, the fit is perfect” My monitors come with the standard 4 inch, 4 screws open square recess plate for mounting, plus this monitor stand comes with extra plates in case you have a different type of monitor. High qualify, excellent adjustability up/down or side by side angled….worth the $125 dollars.

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