Dell touch Screen Monitor - Revies 2023

By: Hafsa Nawaz

We believe that Dell, is a well-known brand in monitors, has hit a home run with the Dell P2418HT.The Dell touch screen monitor P2418HT creates a niche of innovative displays in a market that is always changing by the incorporating 10 point touch sensitivity onto a 1080p panel. Due to the inclusion of the capability in Windows 8 and other apps, touchscreen displays first appeared on the market in 2014. Sadly, it was never widely adopted until recently, when devices like tablets and the Microsoft Surface Pro started to fundamentally alter how editors and artists create art on computers. Dell designed a range of these devices because it anticipated a need for them, which makes the P2418HT all the more intriguing.

The Dell touch screen monitor features the brand’s favored appearance, which is streamlined and expert-looking. Except for the silver accents, the cabinet and stand are primarily matte black.

The Dell touch screen monitor cool matte surface is its main selling point. A matte screen, as opposed to the gloss surface of the conventional touch screen monitors, means less glare (and less fingerprint accumulation), which is wonderful for your eye health as it lessens fatigue and eye strain.

The Dell touch screen monitor is a dream to use in addition to having a sleek design and small bezels that make it seem good. One of the cleverest designs we have ever seen, its flexible, adjustable arm makes it simple to shift the screen to the desired angle with little effort.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Dell touch screen monitor, 23.8" 1920X1080 LED-LIT (black)

Dell P2418HT 23.8" Touch Monitor - 1920X1080 LED-LIT, Black

The 10-point touch feature delivers more natural and responsive experience, so you can tap, swipe, slide and pinch in snap. Enjoy smoother navigation with two-handed touch control across the anti-glare screen, from edge-to-edge. Work from any position: An articulating stand transitions from standard Dell touch screen monitor to downward 60-degree angle touch orientation. It also supports extended tilt and swivel capabilities, so you can adjust the screen to your task or a more comfortable position. Plus, a protective cushion offers a durable buffer against bumps when the stand is fully compressed. The end effect of screen is clear, fluid display that is easy on the eyes. Continuous vista when using several monitors, an ultrathin bezel is chic and elegant approach to gain unhindered views. Voltage AC 100/240 V (50/60 Hz), operational power consumption is 18 Watt, while in standby mode, power consumption is 0.3 Watt of Dell touch screen monitor.

Product Feature:

  • Display Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1080 Pixels, Screen Size 23.8 Inches
  • Dell brand special feature
  • Adjustment for Height, Anti-Glare Coating, Swivel, USB Hub, and Tilt
  • 60 Hz Refresh Rate
  • More natural and responsive experience is delivered by the 10-point touch function. Utilize two hands to navigate more easily throughout anti-glare screen’s entire surface.
  • Work from anywhere:
  • Dell touch screen monitor with a downward 60-degree tilt can be switched between regular desktop display and an articulating stand. You can adapt screen to your task or more comfortable position thanks to its expanded tilt and swivel capabilities. Additionally, when the stand is fully compressed, protective cushion provides a sturdy buffer from Bumps.
  • See clearly:
  • Cutting-edge in-cell touch technology eliminates the requirement for glass screen seen in conventional monitors, providing an anti-glare surface that lowers distracting reflections and fingerprints. The end effect is a fluid display that is clearer and easier on eyes.


I do not believe so, you will need to get out to Dell for that information.

Dear P.L. On both sites, the Dell P2418HT is the same. The Dell P2418HT will also come with a “Dell 3-Year Next Business Day and Advanced Exchange Warranty” if you get it from us (We are RRI). Regards!

Any you can use a stylus with this screen and enjoy its display. This product is full from many features. You didn’t get any problem regarding to this issue. If you face any issue we will be there for your help. Thank you.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Gerald Jones: purchased Dell touch screen monitor and reviewed that “Awesome touchscreen monitors for my home studio’ The Dell touchscreens are a great size, the touch had a little “lag”in the response, but it’s still awesome! A Raven is $3500 but I have touchscreen Studio monitors for $1100 great deal for the cost!

dell p2418ht, 23.8" Dell touch screen monitor, LED-LIT, Black

Dell P2418HT 23.8" Touch Monitor - 1920X1080 LED-LIT, Black

A touch-screen dell p2418ht monitor with downward 60-degree tilt can be switched between a regular desktop display and an articulating stand. You can adapt the screen to your task or more comfortable position thanks to its expanded tilt, swivel capabilities. 

Additionally, when the stand is fully compressed, protective cushion provides sturdy buffer against bumps. State-of-the-art Modern in-cell touch technology eliminates the requirement for the glass screen present in conventional monitors, providing surface that is anti-glare and less prone to fingerprints and distracting reflections. The end effect is a clear, fluid display that is easy on the eyes from the dell touch screen monitor p2418ht. Save time by multitasking using the Dell Display Manager programmed. 

Utilize Easy Arrange to quickly tile and view programmed.  Take advantage of VESA compatibility to adapt to various workplace layouts. Enjoy a more flexible workspace by mounting your monitor to the wall or using monitor arms.

Product Feature:

  • Maximum 1920×1080 pixel display resolution for a screen size of 23.8 inches
  • Dell p2418ht unique feature is its 60 Hz touch screen refresh rate.
  • Dell brand, dell p2418ht model
  • Screen size: 24 inches, touchscreen: 10 points, cabinet: black, panel: IPS, usage: consumer
  • Pixel Pitch 0.275-millimeter, Display Colors 16.7 million, Brightness 250 cd/square metre, Contrast Ratio DCR 8,000,000:1 (1,000:1), Response Time 6ms (GTG), Input Video Compatibility, Display Type Full HD, Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1080, Recommended Resolution 1920 x 1080 Digital, D-Sub, HDMI, DisplayPort, and Analog RGB connectors
  • AC 100/240 Volts, 50/60 Hertz Power Supply and Power Use Operational Power Consumption: 18 Watt; VESA Compatibility 100 × 100 millimeters mountable
  • Dimensions (H x W x D), 12.70 inches x 21.20 inches x 9.30 inches with stand, 6.88 pounds in weight
  • A continuous view is possible when working across numerous displays thanks to an ultra-thin bezel, which looks smart and beautiful.


You must use the VGA port if your computer does not have an HDMI or DP connector (pretty universal for many years) though many modern laptops and other devices lack a VGA port. You will need to use an HDMI cord with a regular size connector for the monitor and whatever size you require for your computer – perhaps a mini? – If that is how you wish to connect. Don’t buy a signal converter (expensive), buy cords instead because they are less expensive! DP is not universal but is frequently supported. Vodeo ports DO NOT send touch information; instead, you must use the included USB cord.

If you buy a monitor stand or arm, you might choose to turn this 90 degrees. It may be mounted using a standard VESA 100×100 mount. This is from a product page for Dell: “Perfect for various layouts: Take advantage of VESA compatibility to adapt to various workplace layouts. Enjoy a more flexible workspace by mounting your monitor to the wall or using monitor arms.” Just be sure the arm you purchase allows for rotation. The Amazon Basics monitor arm has a lot of appeal to me.

No, through USB 3.0, the iPad Pro was unable to charge this monitor. But, only a conventional power source could be used to power the monitor. So I advised don’t use any USB or iPad Pro. Thank you and enjoy your product.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Tom Darbe: purchased dell p2418ht and reviewed that “great monitor”. Worked right out of the box. I got this for my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter to run her ABCmouse program. With a touch screen monitor it works great for her. Very pleased. Soft to the touch for her little fingers.:

Dell 27 inch touch screen monitor, LED-lit Monitor

Dell 2714T 27-Inch Touchscreen LED-lit Monitor

Navigate your P2714 27 inch touch screen monitor edge-to-edge T’s glass easily and swiftly by using both hands and snappy 10-point touch feature. The ergonomic stand provides comfortable viewing as well as best application and game handling. 

Take advantage of enhanced two-handed control with touch experience that can detect 10 touch points at once, allowing quick, effective application and game control across slick, edge-to-edge glass. Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, 8 million: 1 dynamic contrast ratio, quick 8 millisecond reaction time, and up to 270 cd/m2 brightness all contribute to screen’s outstanding clarity and fine detail. 

Ideal for both work and play, P2714T 27 inch touch screen monitor is made for multimedia applications and collaborative projects in workplace on Dell touch screen monitor systems like Latitude or OptiPlex as well as handheld mobile devices. It can be used for entertainment and internet browsing on your XPS system at home.

Product Feature:

  • Dell Special Feature Touchscreen
  • Screen Size 27 Inches
  • Display Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1080
  • Connectivity VGA, USB, HDMI
    •Excellent picture quality, a smooth of 27 inch touch screen monitor and intuitive touch experience, a wide range of connectivity possibilities, and warranties to back them up.
  • Direct display of content from a smartphone or tablet on the touch monitor while simultaneously charging your mobile device is made possible by VGA, USB, DP, HDMI, and MHL connectivity.
  • The P2714T 27 inch touch screen monitor can assist save energy expenditures with a typical normal operating power usage of 19W.
  • Engaging touch experience:
    Move quickly and easily around the edge-to-edge glass of the P2714T 27 inch touch screen monitor using both hands and the sensitive 10-point touch capability. The ergonomic stand provides comfortable viewing as well as the best application and game handling.
  • The P2714T 27 inch touch screen monitor have an excellent connectivity.


It lacks speakers but has a 3.5mm audio out port.  When I plug in my headphones, it plays the sound that the HDMI cable sent to the monitor. So you can listen audio not full but low.

I use it primarily for work, but so far I haven’t run into any problems.  It didn’t work well when I tried to play SC2 on it since SC2 is more of a keyboard game, not because of the display.  Do keep in mind the maximum resolution on this display depending on the game.  A handful of my pals have requested greater resolution.

Hey Josh Use the DisplayPort cable if possible to get the best performance out of the Dell P2714T; if not, use the HDMI cable. For Windows 8’s “Touch Screen” capability to work, a USB cable must also be connected. Regards, RRI

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

LancPAGuy:  purchased 27 inch touch screen monitor and reviewed that “Hit that buy button, it’s worth it!. Love this monitor. It is replacing an older touch screen model that had the bevel edges from h-e-l-l. The 27″ screen is definite overkill. 

Dell touch screen monitor, LED-lit Monitor, Dell S2240T 21.5-Inch

Dell S2240T 21.5-Inch Touch Screen LED-lit Monitor

The 21.5 Dell “You may experience touch on a touch display with unmatched versatility and ease. Dell touch screen monitor 21.5” is flexible and easy to use for business, school, or leisure. The Dell 21.5″ monitor is intended to promote cooperation and increase productivity “High levels of user flexibility for work, study, or enjoyment are provided with Touch Monitor. 

When tilted up to 60 degrees, slide your display toward you smoothly, intuitively to touch and type. Dell touch screen monitor is excellent for use in offices at home, clinics, and other professional settings. Activating touch is simple! 

Simply use an HDMI, DVI, or VGA cable to project images onto the monitor’s screen after connecting the USB cable from your PC to the monitor’s USB upstream port. The Dell 21.5 was designed with a strong emphasis on environmental efficiency “Low power consumption and environmentally friendly materials are featured in the Touch Monitor.

Product Feature:

  • Size of Screen: 21.5 Inches
  • Brand Maximum Display Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Special Dell Feature
  • 60 Hz Touchscreen Refresh Rate
  • Regarding this item
  • Edge-to-edge glass provides the Dell 21.5″ touch display a sleek, fashionable appearance that exudes quality craftsmanship.
  • Activating touch is simple! Use an HDMI, DVI, or VGA cable to project images on the dell screen touch monitor after just connecting a USB cable from your PC to the monitor’s USB upstream connection.
  • There is no computer here. Uses solitary computer and is not mobile. Touchscreen gadgets: system with projected capacitance, Cover glass thickness: 1.1 +/- 0.2 mm, Sensor stack thickness: 1.1 mm using your fingers and some thin gloves, 10 touch-points total, Time to response: 25 ms. Support for All Operating Systems
  • 7.49 pounds is the weight of the monitor alone.
  • Height (extended): 205.7 mm (depth), 522.5 mm (20.57 inches), and width: 370.8 mm (14.60 inches) (8.10 inches)


Dear Connecting the USB to your computer is required. Only when the USB is connected to your computer does the touch feature function. The kit includes Cable UBS and accessories. I use the screen with Windows 8.0 and 8.1 Pro without any issues, and it functions flawlessly. Installation procedure: * Hook up any PC with an HDMI wire * Hook up your computer with a USB cord You’ll receive the touch feature. Good fortune

Box contents: Monitor Power cable. HDMI cable with power adapter. USB cable, upstream cloth Velcro strap for cleaning Media for drivers and documentation Shortcut Guide Guide to Product and Safety Information

To mount the monitor directly, the stand must be removed because it is attached via the VESA mountings on the display. So don’t mount the monitor directly you can face any issue. Thank you for concerning us.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

sceddy: purchased dell touch monitor and reviewed that “Great all around monitor”. I am just getting ready to buy my second S2240T and decided to check out the reviews. Read more….

Dell C7520QT 75", IPS Glass Monitor, dell touch screen monitor

Dell C7520QT 75" 4K 20-Points Touch IPS Glass Monitor

Interactive Touchscreen Display of dell touch screen monitor  is 4K resolution 20 touch points, IPS glass, anti-glare, and anti-smudge surface. Using world’s first accessibility feature, our exclusive Dell Screen Drop technology, you can increase reachability for people of various heights. 

Controls on side of panel allow you to raise, lower, and mark up image at three different height settings. Additionally, your audience will see constant color across entire screen from almost anywhere in room because of broad viewing angle made possible by In-Plane Switching technology. 

Grab the interest of your viewers with clear text and images. Additionally, dell touch screen monitor Comfort View lessens blue-light emissions for better eye comfort, enabling your audience to concentrate for longer lengths of time. Anti-glare and anti-smudge coatings help you focus on your work rather than obtrusive reflections or fingerprints. We promise support and peace of mind because our goods are carefully and precisely engineered.

Product Feature:

  • Size of Screen: 75 Inches
  • Dell Maximum: 3840×2160 Display ResolutionTechnology for Touchscreen Connectivity VGA, DisplayPort, USB, HDMI
  • Interactive Touch Monitor Resolution: 4K Touch Points: 20 Panel Dell C7520QT 75″ 4K 20-Points IPS Glass Monitor Surface: Anti-Glare, Anti-Smudge IPS Glass Type
  • Instant interaction: Thanks to InGlassTM 20-point touch technology, several users can interact with screen at once due to dell touch screen monitor.
  • Experience intuitive technology’s natural touch capabilities, which enables nearly instantaneous annotation with your fingertips, writing with stylus, and even erasing text with your hand’s palm. Additionally, dell touch screen monitor functionality blends in with your workflow because it is compatible with majority of industry-standard software.
  • Additional methods to display:
    Utilize Easy Organize function of Dell Display Manager Programmed to effortlessly choose from predefined templates to quickly tile and arrange your applications. With Auto-restore, a function that remembers your most recent presentation layout, you can also start presentations more quickly.


Yes, these monitors are new in an unopened retail box. They sold me a brand-new unit, which I bought from them. This product contains many features according to my needs. I can’t face any problem regarding to this item.

Dell Interactive C6522QT 65" LCD, dell touch monitor

Dell Interactive C6522QT 65" LCD Touchscreen Monitor - 16:9

From dell touch screen monitor multiple employees can interact with the screen at once thanks to twenty-point In Glass Touch technology, which reduces waiting time and promotes more organic cooperation. It is 65″ LCD Touchscreen Monitor from dell touch screen monitor Interactive C6522QT, 16:9. Additionally, the touch feature blends in with your workflow because it is compatible with majority of industry-standard software. 

Natural writing style Users can rest their hands naturally on the screen without leaving unsightly marks thanks to palm rejection. Exclusive to Dell, open to everyone the first accessibility feature in the world, our exclusive Dell Screen Drop enhances reachability for individuals working at various heights. Manage your conference rooms easily. 

You can utilize network control systems to remotely manage and operate your large format monitor with RS232 and RJ45i connections. With up to 90W of power transmission, maintain uninterrupted productivity and keep your dell touch screen monitor battery charged.

Product Feature:

  • Maximum Display Resolution 3840 x 2160 on 65-inch Screen
  • Brand Special Dell Feature
  • Technology for Touchscreen Connectivity
  • USB and HDMI
  • Stunning images:
  • On dell touch screen monitor 65″ screen with 4K UHD quality, make every presentation stunning with 4K content that is suited for reading text. Definitely captivating with display scaling technology that enhances text and fonts for better legibility, enjoy incredibly clear images and text in 4K quality. Greater legibility and an improved extended viewing experience are delivered by Comfort View and anti-glare coatings.
    •Evocative presentations In-Plane Switching technology ensures that visual quality is constant regardless of where you stand or sit.
  • You can collaborate at any time:
    Experience intuitive touch technology, feature that enables you to write with fine-tip stylus or annotate with your fingertips.
  • With virtually no lag, you may even erase written material using the palm of your hand or another pen tip of dell touch screen monitor.

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