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The shell that houses the majority of a personal computer’s hardware is called a computer case, also referred to as a computer chassis. The internal hardware, which includes the CPU, motherboard, memory, mass storage devices, power supply unit, and various expansion cards, is distinguished from the peripheral hardware, which typically consists of plug-and-play or cable-linked devices like the display, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and USB flash drives. Typical Clear computer cases are completely enclosed, with the exception of a few air holes (usually on the back panel) and cutout areas for plugs, sockets, and detachable media drive bays (front).

In most cases, a case’s structural frame (chassis) is made of stiff metals like steel (typically SECC—steel, electro-galvanized, cold-rolled coil) and aluminum alloy, with hardpoints and through holes for mounting internal hardware, case fans/coolers, and for managing cable management. In order to protect the internal components from physical damage and dust accumulation, the external case panels, at least one of which is removable, cover the chassis from the front, sides, and top. These Clear computer cases are typically made of painted metallic and/or plastic material, though many contemporary commercial or home-built cases also use mesh, tempered glass, acrylic, wood, and even Lego bricks. 

In the premium gaming PC market, open-frame or open-air cases that are just partially enclosed have recently become available. These cases provide freer ventilation and, ideally, better cooling. PC cases have traditionally been made of thin sheet steel panels, with a rigid steel chassis to prevent flexing. Steel is inexpensive, durable, and strong, but it is also heavy. In the last few years, the popularity of LAN parties has increased, fueling demand for lighter cases. A steel case light enough to be conveniently portable is insufficiently stiff, which has led case makers to produce aluminum cases for this specialty market. Although aluminum cases are indeed lighter than equivalent steel models, they are also more expensive. Unless saving a few pounds is a high priority, 

They recommend you avoid aluminum models. Instead, you can try a new acrylic pc case or a clear computer case. Cases vary widely in how easy they are to work on. Some use thumb screws and pop-off panels that allow complete disassembly in seconds without tools while disassembling others requires a screwdriver and more work. Similarly, some cases have removable motherboard trays or drive cages that make it easier to install and remove components. The flip side of easy access is that unless they are properly engineered, easy-access clear computer cases are often less rigid than traditional cases. 

Years ago, we worked on a system that experienced seemingly random disk errors. We replaced the hard disk, cables, disk controller, power supply, and other components, but errors persisted. As it turned out, the user kept a stack of heavy reference books on top of the case. As she added and removed books, the case was flexing enough to torque the hard disk in its mounting, causing disk errors. Rigid cases prevent such problems. The other aspect of accessibility is sheer size. It’s easier to work inside a clear computer case than a smaller case simply because there’s more room.

Clear Computer Case, Full Acrylic Pc Case With Clear Side Panel, 3X Pre-Installed 120mm Case Fans

Zalman S2 ATX Mid Tower Computer PC Case, Full Acrylic Clear Side Panel, 3X Pre-Installed 120mm Case Fans, Front Panel Mesh Design (Acrylic - 3 Fan)

The Zalman S-Series clear computer case is intended to wow with its low cost and efficient airflow design. Up to 8 fans, a full acrylic side panel, and bottom and top dust filters can be fitted. This is available from the company mid-tower and is 16.22 x 7.44 x 17.76 inches (LxWxH). The acrylic pc case weighs roughly 10 pounds and has compatibility with ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards. The fan size is 120 millimeters.

The front design of the acrylic pc case is the Full Acrylic Side Panel for ATX Mid Tower Computer PC Case for maximum airflow and comes with two front 120mm fans already installed (& one rear 120mm fan pre-installed) One USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports are used in this clear computer case on a convenient interface. A room was set out for the Power Supply unit’s better cooling capabilities. This transparent computer features a bottom and top magnetic dust filter and seven PCI expansion slots.

The ZALMAN S-Series case range is an economical case that is engineered to maximize airflow. Up to 8 fans, a full acrylic side panel, and top and bottom dust filters can be fitted. Even though acrylic is considered to be one of the clearest plastic materials on the market, it can’t really be compared with the full transparency of glass. In an acrylic pc case with this kind of a side, the panel won’t have any “fogginess” and will give you a very clear view of your hardware.

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Travis buys this great clear computer case and wrote a review about it: This case is mid in more ways than one, but overall it is a good case! “This case is mid in more ways than one. The packaging was well done and arrived safely with no damage at all. I needed a computer case because I decided to build a PC out of the parts I had in my stock. Read more…

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