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By: Asif Mazhar

"Tech Trends" found this Cougar Conquer 2 to buy

The Cougar Conquer 2 is a big, attractive, and futuristic computer case. Its look blends nicely with that of the Blade Runner, Tron, or even the Transformers movie series. Five glass panels on the Cougar Conquer 2 make it easy for madders to change it, and the majority of its parts can be removed using screws. The front panel’s buttons can be used to control the integrated T r e l u x lights. Additionally, it can be connected to motherboards that enable 5V ARGB. Cougar offers fans and RGB light strips to expand this system. 

Due to the modular sub-chassis, the Cougar Conquer 2 has improved serviceability. Users can access the majority of the internals by removing a few screws. With the cougar Conquer 2, Cougar elevated inventiveness to a new level. If you enjoy “unique products,” then this case is the one you need. Everyone will love the style and RGB lights of the cougar  Conquer 2. Be prepared to field a barrage of inquiries from your pals when they visit. The cougar Conquer 2 will draw attention when you enter the room. Everyone is interested in learning what it is before asking why.

Cougar Conquer 2 Ultimate Gaming Full Tower Case With Exclusive Detachable Sub-Chassis Design

Cougar Conquer 2 All New Ultimate Gaming Full Tower Case with Exclusive Detachable Sub-Chassis Design

Distinctive Metal Frames Cougar Conquer 2 Ultimate Gaming Full Tower’s unique metal framing design breaks away from traditional cases It’s stylish and dynamic looks makes your creations unlimited Detachable Sub-chassis Exclusive detachable sub-chassis design provides you more convenient and innovative installation experience Full Visibility and Eye-catching Design A superior combination of metal frames and four tempered glass panels allow you to show the high-end components and to create an amazing masterpiece beyond gamer’ imagination Ideal for Case Mods Cougar Conquer 2 Ultimate Gaming Full Tower breaks away from traditional case designs 

It provides an easy way to customize and modify the case Your bold madding concepts are achievable with creation of unlimited A madder’s dream come true! Through the use of distinctive metal framing, sub-chassis, and an integrated RGB lighting system, Cougar conquer 2 Ultimate Gaming Full Tower departs from conventional case designs. With the creation of unlimited, your audacious madding ideas will become realities. Madder’s fantasy realized! The revolutionary and exclusive removable sub-chassis design makes installation more practical for you. You may display the top-tier components and produce an incredible artwork that exceeds gamer’ wildest dreams thanks to an excellent blend of metal frames and four tempered glass. 

Pinesap fans are optional, and specs may change depending on where Cougar Conquer 2 Ultimate Gaming Full Tower are sold. Cougar Conquer 2 Ultimate Gaming Full Tower departs from customary case layouts. It offers a simple method for modifying and customizing the casing. With the creation of unlimited, your audacious modding ideas will become realities. A madder’s fantasy realized! For gamer, overclocks, and PC enthusiasts in general, cooling is a crucial component. a metal open-frame design, support for 360mm radiators, and exceptional cooling performance.


100% Yes it does. I have installed several of them,1 being the x299x Design-are 10G. this case does indeed fit an a-a t x mob. You can easily install it and enjoy it. You can put the zenith 2 extreme alpha in it also.

Yes, this will take all sizes of motherboards even up to E-a t x. More specifically, it depends on the case you intend to use. Micro ATX is a specification of the size of a motherboard, where its mounting holes are, what its power connectors look like, etc.

USB 3.1 Type-C x 1 / USB3.0 x 2 / Mic x 1 / Audio x 1 / Power button / RGB control button. also, It supports multiple USB connections through them. By using these multiple USB ports you can directly attach three USB devices or more easily.

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 By Jeff Buy the Cougar conquer 2 reviewed that AWESOME CASE!  When I decided to upgrade my custom build after 10 years and realized with a new 12th Gen Core i7 that I had to pretty much replace everything (old unit was 3rd Gen Core i7 with DDR3), I decided to go all out. I was trying to find a case that would have the room for not only a 360 radiator, but also a new larger video card.

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