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By: Mishal Fatima

The white gaming PC cases have Front USB 3.0, 2.0, and 3.5mm Support Front RGB Strip Included with Built-In Lighting Control from Front Panel. For Many ATX Size Motherboards, Tempered Glass Side Panel Power Supply is also present. Cube PC case Support For Three 120mm Fans Maximum. Magnetic top dust cover is also present. Up to seven PCI slots are included. Ports in Cube PC case are 2 USB 2.0, 1 SPK, 1 MIC, 1 USB 3.0, and 2 USB 2.0.3 Maximum 120mm Fan slots are present. Dimensions of the white gaming PC case are 390 x 180 x 435mm. 

All of the crucial and pricey components of a PC case fan or other computing device are protected by a computer casing. Internal parts for modest desktop computers, entire networks, and even sophisticated blade servers include the motherboard, chassis, discs, CPU, and more. Full tower, mid-tower, and mini-ITX are the three main Cube PC case sizes. Standard ATX motherboards, by far the most popular motherboard size available, accommodate both full-tower and mid-tower cases. Smaller micro-ATX motherboards can also fit both.

The shell that houses the majority of a personal computer’s hardware is called a computer case, also referred to as a computer chassis. The metal and plastic housing known as the computer case is where the motherboard, central processor unit (CPU), and power supply are located. Typically, an On/Off button and one or more optical drives are located on the Cube PC case front. Major components of Cube pc case are Motherboard, input device, Product Unit. Center for Processing (CPU), Processing Unit for Graphics (GPU) , Storage Unit for Random Access Memory (RAM).

Rexgear 1 Micro ATX Cube PC Case with Removable Trays for Easy Installation – Orange

Rexgear 1 Micro ATX Cube PC Case with Removable Trays for Easy Installation, Orange

The extra-wide Rex Gear 1 cube pc case has lots of space for cable management, large expansion cards, better airflow, and cutting-edge liquid cooling technologies. This chassis supports two substantial CPU/GPU liquid coolers up to 240/260mm in size, a full-length ATX power supply, and lengthy graphics cards up to 350mm in length (with 8″ front fan removed). Your water cooling solutions in cube pc case are easily accessible thanks to the ODD shelf’s complete removal. 

The motherboard is detachable for simple installation of key components including the CPU, RAM, and motherboard, and it performs admirably as a gaming console or as a benchmark computer utilizing AMD Ryazan. Additionally, the horizontal placement of the motherboard reduces flexing and stress caused by large-tower CPU coolers like the Noctuid NH-U12S. A CPU cooler can be installed with a maximum height of 190mm in pc case fan.

Six 3-pin case fans are powered via two USB 3.0 ports, one HD Audio & MIC port, and two fan controller buttons on the front panel. 16.45 x 11.02 x  16.22 inches for the cube pc case. They include rubber pads to reduce vibration and noise for 3.5″ HDDs and PSUs. Cube pc case with clever component placements that won’t block long graphics cards or big radiators, it is optimized for tiny form factor projects using Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards. Cube pc case is Simple to disassemble and reassemble, You can immediately jump in and replace out components thanks to the removable motherboard tray that lays flat (swap HDD, graphics cards, RAM). 

This  pc case supports dual 240/280mm water cooling radiators, a full power supply, a CPU cooler that is 190mm tall, a GPU that is 320mm long, and up to six case fans. Two fan controller knobs (six 3-pin fan connectors), two fans (1 8″ front, 1 5.5″ rear), a PSU magnetic dust filter, rubber pads to reduce vibration, and a PSU mounting case are included in cube pc case.  They are 16.45 x 11.02 x 16.22 inches in size. We only produce a small number of these in a limited edition. Micro ATX is compatible with motherboards in cube pc case.


The fan controller connectors on the Rex gear Mini are to connect directly to your power supply from a Molex connector. In that case, motherboard connectivity will not be appropriate or compatible to let our fan controller operate.

Great question! Our case does support the option to install 2 additional 120mm or 140mm fans. There will be no problem for you if you want to buy additional fans. As far as the radiator description you are reading, 240mm radiators support 120mm fans and 280mm radiators support 140mm fans.

The five primary parts that make up a normal, modern computer nowadays, whether it’s a gaming machine or a home PC, are as follows: the motherboard. Unified Processing Unit (CPU) a video card, or a graphics processing unit (GPU). The term “volatile memory” also applies to random access memory (RAM).

This case offers plenty of room for you to get creative with your cooling solution and supports motherboards in the E-ATX, ATX, micro ATX, and Mini-ITX sizes. The cabinet has enough room to accommodate the installation of two water-cooling loops with substantial radiators and reservoirs.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Cristina purchased this product and reviewed that Ryazan 5 does not come in case, I’m just super stoked to build when the parts arrive I will take more time after the build to give a synopsis of how everything turned out but I wanted to hurry and get out the excitement and happiness I am having! I was about to give up completely on building a PC, after already being into the build about $400. I was ready to send everything back and just move on, and so far I had only received the fans I ordered [see more]

High Performance Cooling Fan, Super Quiet Motor, 1200RPM, 3Pin Connector, Cube PC case (Black)

EZDIY-FAB Cube Fan Pro 120mm PC Case Fan,High Performance Cooling Fan,Very Quiet Motor, Computer Cooling Fans, 1200 RPM,3 Pin Connector-5 Pack-Black

Pressure-optimized and square frames Nine-Blade Pattern is available in cube pc case. The nine-blade impeller and square-shaped frame offer exceptional pressure and airflow performance for both high-end and low-end devices that need a lot of airflow to function at their optimum. A soft material damping pad surrounds the fan, absorbing vibration at high speeds to produce a silent effect in cube pc case. Interface for Daisy Chained Connector is included. Utilizing the daisy chain capability in cube pc case for several units and it will simplify cord management. 

A 120mm cube PC case fan that provides high-performance cooling for your computer is the EZDIY-FAB Cube Fan Pro. This fan’s distinctive cube-shaped design allows it to produce strong airflow while operating quietly and effectively. The fan has a premium sleeve bearing and a PWM speed control feature that lets you change the fan’s speed to suit your demands. This fan has a maximum airflow of 72.1 CFM and a maximum speed of 1200 RPM, making it capable of cooling even the most demanding computer systems. Additionally, the fan has a built-in LED light that complements. 

Your appearance while also helping to show the fan’s speed. Value pack with 5 fans in cube pc case is an affordable option to replace your old, noisy PC fans. It is incredibly silent and simple to install.9 high-pressure fan blades can produce 33.1 CFM of air while operating at a whisper-quiet 21.5 dB at 1200 RPM. Additionally, it is the safe speed that keeps your hands safe. In cube pc case two 3-pin male and female tiny fans connect together without the trouble of wire management thanks to a humanized power supply interface design. 

Ultra-durable fluid dynamic bearings are used in EZDIY Cube pc case fans.  Utilizing a special oil supply circuit of the loop kind. Lubricating oil can be absorbed and retained by it. Over 40,000 hours can be added to a bearing’s lifespan of pc case fan. These are Available in black or white, the simplistic square frame gives style without sacrificing performance. Rotational speed is 1200 RPM, and noise level is 21.5 dB in cube pc case.


In general, you want the case fans to suck air into the case from the front while blowing it out the back. If your case includes top vents, you should install them as exhaust fans because hot air will ascend through them. Despite the fact that they frequently lack air filters, side-mounted fans should be used for intake.

Simply said, one of the numerous 3 or 4-pin fan headers on your motherboard is where you plug any ordinary consumer fan. Most likely, your motherboard has at least two or three of these headers. Any of those can and will work just fine to power a fan.

In the event that you only have two fans, we advise setting them up front to back. We advise locating your three fans in the front, back, and bottom of your case if you have a dedicated GPU and three fans.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

James Waltz purchased this product and reviewed that excellent tradeoff of noise and price Can’t beat the price. Noise level is higher than more expensive fans, but not by much, and not enough to justify the price difference for my use.

EZDIY-FAB Cube PC Case Fan, Computer Cooling Fans, 1200 RPM,3 Pin Connector(White)

EZDIY-FAB Cube Fan Pro 120mm PC Case Fan,High Performance Cooling Fan,Very Quiet Motor, Computer Cooling Fans, 1200 RPM,3 Pin Connector-5 Pack-White

A high-performance cooling method for your computer is the EZDIY-FAB Cube PC Case Fan. This fan’s distinctive cube-shaped design allows it to produce strong airflow while operating quietly and effectively. This cube pc case fan has a premium sleeve bearing and a PWM speed control feature that lets you change the fan’s speed to suit your demands. This fan has a maximum airflow of 72.1 CFM and a maximum speed of 1200 RPM, making it capable of cooling even the most demanding computer systems. The cube pc case fan has a 3-pin connector for simple installation and is white to give your construction a modern appearance. 

Anyone searching for a high-performance cooling solution that is both elegant and practical should go for the EZDIY-FAB Cube PC Case Fan. 35 to 50 CFM of airflow is present in cube pc fan. Dimension present are 120 mm by 120 mm by 25 mm (per piece) in pc fan. Cube pc case has value Pack with 5 Fans, an affordable alternative to your outdated, noisy PC fans, Helicopter noise is no longer audible, and installation is cube pc case At a speed of 1200 RPM, the air volume produced by 9 high-pressure fan blades can be as much as 33.1 CFM and as quiet as 21.5 db. Furthermore, the speed is safe and guards against hand injuries.

Daisy-chaining fans without having to worry about cable management is possible because to the humanized power supply interface design and the two tiny 3PIN male and female interfaces. Fluid dynamic bearings are a feature of EZDIY Cube fans.  Utilizing a special  oil supply circuit of the loop kind. It has the capacity to absorb and store lubricant. More than 40,000 hours can pass before a bearing wears out. The minimalist square frame, available in black cube pc case, provides aesthetics without sacrificing performance. Desktop is the Compatible Devices and Cooling Method is the Air in cube pc case.


The term “3-pin connector” is frequently used to describe a straightforward white nylon pin receptacle with three tin contacts that is typically employed in compact, low-power computing products, most notably computer fans, despite the fact that numerous connectors have a design with three pins.

The majority of cooling fans will use some form of common connector to attach to a computer. Dedicated 3- or 4-pin fan headers are frequently utilized in modern systems, however conventional MOLEX 4-pin peripheral connectors are also employed. A 3-pin connector, a 4-pin connector, and a MOLEX connector are shown from left to right.

A variable voltage (between 5V and 12V) is used to regulate the fan speed on 3-pin fans. The BIOS on your motherboard will send the pulse to the 4th pin rather than reducing the voltage if PWM fan control is enabled. The 3-pin fans will essentially always receive the full voltage.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

D Paterson purchased this product and reviewed that Super quiet 120mm PC Case Fan These EZDIY-FAB Cube Fan Pro 120mm PC Case Fans are so quiet you can hardly tell they’re running. I really like that they can be daisy chained together to run off one plug. They move 35CFM of air which is adequate for my needs. A good value.

Aero Cool Cube Pc Case Aero Cool Strike-X Micro-ATX Cube Negro, USB3

Aerocool PC case Aerocool Micro-ATX Strike-X Cube Black, USB3

Weight of a desktop switch is about 25g in cube pc case. Length of Switch Extension Cord is 78.7 inches; Color of the Switch Case is Black Case ABS is a material. Size of the switch box is 0.78 by 0.78 by 1.18 inches. Installation instructions are also available for cube pc case such as POWER SW, POWER LED+, POWER LED- Connection terminals, Route the connecting cable from the desktop switch to the chassis through a suitable hole in the back of the chassis, Just utilize the external extension power on the key; stop using the original ignition key, 

Adjust each jumper individually; avoid installing LED+ or LED in the opposite manner, After making sure that each terminal is connected properly, double-check that the start button and LED are functioning normally. Both the internal and external power buttons must be able to work normally in cube pc case. You can opt not to connect the two LED power connectors if you don’t require the multicolored LED effect. Use the cable tie that is connected to bind and secure the connection cable.

Max Height of CPU Cooler is 187 mm in cube pc case. Tower-style system cabinets Fan speed control, a mesh front panel, cable management holes, water cooling holes, a bottom-mounted PSU holder, an acrylic window, water cooling readiness, and magnetic PSU dust filters are some of the features present in cube pc case. Eight internal bays are included in cube pc case. The Color available is Black. Compatibility with motherboards. 

Type of Micro ATX case Torre, in the color black, made of acrylic, and power supply mounting in cube pc case.  Method of bottom mounting cooling Items weigh 16.09 pounds and are made of water and air. They measure 14.96 by 11.02 by 13.78 inches. 2 USB ports are present. Cube pc case fans extended lifespan and high airflow rating make it a dependable and effective cooling option for your computer. The fan has a 3-pin connector for power and is simple to install.


Features of PC Cases to Consider Airflow Despite the fact that certain cases are fantastic at first glance, they may not be the best choice for individuals who want to run powerful hardware because of factors like cooling systems, graphics card length, cable management, and PSU shrouds.

Compared to aluminum, steel is much less likely to scratch and dent. It also reduces noise levels and rattling because to its thickness and durability. Moreover, steel is less expensive than aluminum, which is advantageous if you intend to create your own system.

 Overheating could also result from placing your printer on top of your tower. In order to dissipate heat from the components, computer casings are typically metal and thin; adding another layer on top will retain additional heat.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

 HW Island purchased this cube pc case and reviewed that Perfect product! The case is perfect, functional and silent. Maybe a little bulky, ideal for those who don’t have space problems. SSD hard drives can also be easily mounted.

AZZA Regis - ATX Polycarbonate Cube Pc Case With ARGB Infinity Mirror, Brushed Aluminum Panels

AZZA Regis PC Case - ATX Cube Enclosure with ARGB Infinity Mirror, Detachable Tempered Glass & Brushed Aluminum Panels, Gold Trim Frame, Versatile Layout, Angled Stand, 140mm Fan & PWM/ARGB Hub

Cube pc case has elevated design. The front I/O has two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, HD audio, USB 3.1 Type-C, and two USB 3.0 Type-A ports. The AZZA hub is present in cube pc case, which supports up to six PWM fans and seven ARGB (3-pin) devices, is magnetically attached to the inside. The AZZA REGIS is a high-end ATX cube enclosure designed for PC enthusiasts searching for a distinctive chassis to highlight their setup. With premium materials, illusory illusions that will blow your mind, and a sophisticated sculptural form that constantly stands out in the space, the design is unmistakably unusual. 

ARGB Hub & 140mm Rear Fan USB 3.1 Type-C & USB 3.0 Type-A Ports Voluminous Capacity Dual Radiator Support Included ATX Cube Enclosure ARGB Infinity Mirror Tempered Glass & Brushed Aluminum Premium Stand in cube pc case. A stunning ARGB infinity mirror is embedded in the front tempered glass screen to produce the unsettling sense of an abyss. Up to 17 different modes of the integrated controller can be used to assign vibrant lighting effects, or a 3-pin ARGB motherboard can be used to sync them directly.

The REGIS is a high-end ATX cube pc case that is more than just a PC case. Its pure shape and infinite mirror lighting, as well as its 17 ARGB controller effects and 3-pin motherboard sync connector, raise chassis aesthetics to sculptural levels. Excellent craftsmanship the immaculate smoky grey surfaces are framed with gold trim, and the tempered glass and brushed aluminum panels are removable without the use of tools. Premium aluminums mount screws the cube into position at the ideal viewing angle in cube pc case. Cube pc case can Supports both air and liquid cooling. 

For ventilation, there is a 140mm rear fan, removable side mounts for up to 4 120/140mm case fans on the bottom, and room for a 210mm CPU cooler present. For liquid cooling, there is room for 2 240/260mm radiators. Easy-access interior supports ATX, micro ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards; GPU cards can be mounted either horizontally (seven slots, maximum 330mm) or vertically (three slots, maximum 320mm); it has 2.5 and 3.5 inch hot swappable bays.  In cube pc case the two bottom panels are constructed of brushed anodized aluminum and have air inlets made of thin perforated mesh. Smoke grey panels are tastefully framed by and contrasted with gold accent edges.


The AZZA Regis has 7 slots (horizontal) + 3 slots (vertical) and supports GPU lengths up to 336mm (Horizontal) & 320mm (Vertical). According to NVidia 3080 Ti specification on the official web, it is 2 slots & 285mm. NVidia 3080 Ti can fit in the Regis case.

All of the crucial and pricey components of a PC or other computing device are protected by a computer casing. Internal components for modest desktop units, entire networks, and even sophisticated blade servers include items like the motherboard, chassis, discs, CPU, and more.

The ambient temperature can quickly increase if all the components are concentrating their heat into a tiny space, as the interior of a computer case. The hot air might cause the system to overheat if the casing is not adequately vented, which could affect performance.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

RFM purchased this product cube pc case fan and reviewed that Looking to Be Unique. We build custom computers. Our clients come to us because they know the “standard” manufacturers will only offer them cookie cutter builds. We give them something with more power, designed just for them or just something unique. This case enables us to do that with pizzazz. .[see More]

Thermaltake Lan Box VF1000BWS ATX/Micro ATX Gaming Cube PC Case (Black)

Thermaltake Lanbox VF1000BWS ATX/MicroATX Gaming Cube PC Case (Black)

Aluminum is used for the front panel in cube pc case, SECC is used for the chassis; and the cooling system 90mm blue LED fan at the front, running at 1,500 rpm; 60mm fan running at 2,800 rpm; (up to 60mm fan x 3). Micro ATX and tiny ITX form factors for motherboards 7″ x 1″ Drive Bays (could be converted to 5.25 drive bay) ,5.25″ x 1- 3.5″ x 3 (Exposed x 1, Hidden x 2) (Exposed x 1, Hidden x 2) Front I/O 4 HD-Audio Expansion Slots, IEEE 1394 Fire wire, x2 USB 2.0. Aluminum was used to create the cube pc casing

The item weighs 8.35 kg and has dimensions of 129.03 x 88.9 x 88.39 cm .This cube pc case weighs is about 8.35 kg. Performance is impacted by case size since it provides enough space to fit massive CPUs, GPUs, and RAM hardware components. Multiple processors, huge graphics cards, and more RAM chips are fitted in the available slots on increasingly powerful computers. 5.25-inch bay drive cage in a gaming cube computer case. This cube pc case is ATX, Mini ITX, and Micro ATX compatible. Each component can be removed for simple installation. 

It includes a front panel made of aluminums extrusion, a 7-inch LCD monitor, and an aluminum grip. A cube pc case chassis may accommodate an ATX motherboard with two 120mm fans already fitted. An ITX cube enclosure allows for externally-modular upgrades for enthusiasts to build multiple systems and offers an unlimited stacking and scalable cooling solution. The metal and plastic housing known as the computer case is where the motherboard, central processor unit (CPU), and power supply are located. 

Typically, an On/Off button and one or more optical drives are located on the cube pc case’s front. All of the crucial and pricey components of a PC or other computing device are protected by a computer casing. Internal components for modest desktop units, entire networks, and even sophisticated blade servers include items like the motherboard, chassis, discs, CPU, and more.


The majority of cases are made of metal since it is more cost-effective to make and the final product is lighter. Metal also helps to dissipate interior heat a little bit better if there are few fans inside. Simply because the computer casing doesn’t touch the ground, it cannot be used as a ground.

Usually, two fans are plenty. Maximum temperature drops of 2-3 degrees are possible for two more. Any additional fans rarely provide any real advantages. A good airflow from the case fans benefits the GPU and CPU’s own fans, so keep that in mind.

A PC case that complies with the ATX (Advanced Technology Extended) computer tower specifications is known as an ATX computer case. The allowable sizes for motherboards, desktop computer cases, and computer power supplies are outlined in this standard, which was first presented by Intel in 1995.

Just curious. “There is no threat to your health, but there may not be enough cooling for your computer components. The case is made to circulate air out the back and through the front, past the heated components (generally). If the side is not attached, some parts of the case might not receive adequate airflow to stay cool.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Reid purchased this cube pc case and reviewed that awesome case.  Transportable and unbreakable.  I purchased this case to build a gaming rig for my son. Absolutely loved  it. Really no complaints at  all. Working conditions were tight, especially with a huge video card, but that’s to be expected in any Micro ATX case.  Sliced  my hand and finger on some sharp edges on two different occasions. Read more…

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