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By: Sadaf Akhlaq

There are many uses for a dual PC system case; whether you’re a streamer who requires a dedicated rig to keep your video running smoothly for your viewers, or you’re running a small freelance business from home and want to share desks with your business partner, a dual PC system case is ideal. While there isn’t a tonne of options in this sector, we thought we’d share our three favorite dual-system PC cases for building a family computer. Before we go any further, I should mention that this is a build for serious enthusiasts. 

Because you have to run two builds off of a single PSU, you’ll need to have a firm grasp on the ins and outs of open PC case component selection in order to find the sweet spot between power consumption and power output. You’ll also want to give some thought to cooling and cable management, and determine whether or not you want to take the route of full air-cooling, partial AIO, or a full custom water-cooling loop. In light of this, let’s examine our top recommendations for dual-system PC cases now on the market.

As was mentioned before, a dual system PC case’s durability is mostly determined by its cooling system and its ability to organize cables. Keeping this in mind, we narrowed down our options to dual system PC cases that excel in both form and function. While utility is paramount, visual appeal is also important, which is why we’ve focused on open PC cases with striking outside designs, thoughtful lighting, and high-quality materials.

Dual System PC Case, Vetroo K1 Pangolin, Mid-Tower ATX PC, USB 3.0 I/O Panel, High Airflow, Max 360mm, Water Cooler Support

Vetroo K1 Pangolin Mid-Tower ATX PC Gaming Case, Dual Tempered Glass, USB 3.0 I/O Panel High Airflow Computer Case Max 360mm Water Cooler Support (Fans are not Included)

The shape of the pangolin was taken into consideration when designing the casing, giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance that sets it apart from similar products on the market. In addition, the perforations in the case can help improve the passage of air into and out of your case. Dual Tempered Glass Side Panel: The Dual system pc case side panels consist of two pieces of transparent tempered glass that may easily show off your interior components and are easily installed using screws. A superior cooling system is provided by the Dual system pc case, which allows for up to seven 120mm fans and a maximum 360mm water cooler to be installed. 

This gives your case improved airflow and ensures that its components remain cool at all times. (IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THE FANS ARE NOT PART OF THE CASE) Sufficient Internal Space: Support for ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ATX motherboards; it is possible to install 2 pieces of SSD and 2 pieces of HDD drive bays; it can accommodate CPU coolers with a height of up to 170 mm; and it can accommodate GPUs with a length of up to 350 mm. The Multi-Functional I/O Panel has POWER /HD AUDIO /2x USB2.0 /USB3.0 on it, and it can give you with a great deal of flexibility of Dual system pc case for a wide variety of mobile audio accessories. 

Product Model K1, Dimensions of the Product: 15.1 by 8 by 18.9 inches. The weight of the Dual system pc case is 22.05 pounds. Package Size 28.28 x 10.92 x 23.79 inches. Support for the Motherboard. PCI Expansion Slot Support for ATX, Micro-ATX, and ITX Form Factors 7 Drive Bays. 2pcs SSD & 2pcs HDD. Maximum height of the CPU 170mm Maximum length of the GPU 350mm, I/O Panel Dimensions: 150 x 157 x 86 mm Max Power Supply, Fan System POWER / HD AUDIO /2x USB2.0 / USB3.0 Top: 3x 120mm; Front: 3x 120mm; Rear: 1x 120mm, Top of the Radiator System has a 360mm Water Cooler, while the Back has a 120mm Water Cooler

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Ryan Dubbs purchased this product Slick Case. Great case!! It barely fit a 4080 but it fit!! I use this case for my brother’s rig and it was a dream to work in. All the cable management you’d expect from current gen case. I’m a big fan of the hidden power supply style cases that keep a clean look. All business up front and party in the back lol!! The LED controller is easy to use which was perfect for my use case as my brother would never run software for colors.

Dual System PC Case, Thermaltake Core W200, Water Cooling XL-ATX, Fully Modular, Stackable, Super Tower, CA-1F5-00F1WN-00 Black

Thermaltake Core W200 Dual System Capable Extreme Water Cooling XL-ATX Fully Modular/Dismantle Stackable Tt Certified Super Tower Computer Case CA-1F5-00F1WN-00 Black

MULTIPLE SYSTEM COMPATIBLE: Created to house a pair of Back-to-Back systems, each with its own motherboard, power supply, video card, and main component. COMPLETELY MODULAR/DISMANTLING FORM: Offering Dual system pc case enthusiasts a wide range of customization options thanks to its modular architecture, this Dual system pc case is built to be taken apart and put back together in a variety of ways. DUAL MOTHERBOARD & I/O PANEL SUPPORT: Compatibility with a broad variety of motherboard form factors, from Mini ITX to XL-ATX; (2) four USB 3.0 ports, each with support for high-definition audio; 

LARGE ACRYLIC WINDOW: This Dual system pc case  unit features a large acrylic window 3/16 inches thick that enhances the structural integrity and clarity of the entire unit. SUPPORT FOR UP TO TWO 600mm RADIATOR EXTREME STORAGE: A perforated rear panel and hidden SSD/HDD mounting choices give you more ways to cool your Dual system pc case. LED lighting that may be customized with different colored strips thanks to a dedicated mounting spot on the front panel. The Thermaltake Core W200 XL-ATX Super Tower Chassis will change the way you think about computer cooling. Increase your chances of success with Back-to-Back installation by installing two independent systems. 

Premium expandability; non-standard chassis design accommodates air and liquid cooling systems. The W200 leaves no panel unreplaceable because it is completely modular and shipped in its component parts. Users who require optimal clearance and cooling will benefit greatly from the increased possibilities for prolonged motherboard support. The Core P200 Pedestal (Sold Separately) Dual system pc case enables externally-modular upgrades for increased cooling and power capacities, allowing you to push the envelope even farther. Thermaltake’s Core W200 can open up a whole new set of options for you. 

You may anticipate more from the Thermaltake Core P200 Pedestal and its cooling capabilities. For those who already own a Core W200 chassis but want even greater cooling and power capability, there’s the P200. Installing a dedicated PSU mount allows you to isolate or supercharge your system settings. Fan/radiator brackets that accommodate 8 x 120mm or 8 x 140mm solutions improve cooling performance, and a storage rack supports more space in the main chassis. Start exploring new avenues with Thermaltake’s Core P200 Pedestal. The Thermaltake Core P100 Pedestal can keep your computer cooler for longer. 

The P100 was made to fit in the Core W100 chassis, giving those who need Dual system pc case  more room to grow in terms of cooling and power. A power supply unit (PSU) mount is a great way to isolate or supercharge your system setup. Fan/radiator brackets that accommodate either four 120mm or four 140mm fans/radiators can improve cooling performance, and a storage rack can be used to free up valuable real estate in the main chassis. The Thermaltake Core P100 Pedestal is your ticket to a whole new dimension of gaming.

Dual System PC Case, GAMEMAX Micro-ATX, Removable Dust-Proof Filter, Dual Tempered Glass Panels, Grey PC Gaming Chassis

GAMEMAX Micro-ATX Tower Computer Case with Removable Dust-Proof Filter, Dual Tempered Glass Side Panels, PC Gaming Chassis (Spark-Grey)

Little in size but big on compatibility, this Dual system pc case is compatible with virtually every common PC add-on available today. Dual system pc case Supports up to 6 fans, a MATX/DTX/Mini-ITX motherboard, a GPU no longer than 355mm, a CPU cooler no taller than 168mm, an ATX power supply no longer than 220mm, and either three solid-state drives, one hard drive, or four solid-state drives. Maximum cooling efficiency thanks to a vertical airflow channel and a bottom fan that blows directly on the GPU card. 

Assemble the bottom fans in the correct orientation for optimal performance. Removable Easy to remove and clean dust-proof top panel; dust-proof top grille filter for enhanced case cooling. Dual system pc case features include a tool-free design, an easy and fast assembly mechanism, and dual 3mm tempered glass side panels. Dual system pc case has transparent tempered glass on the left and opaque black tempered glass on the right. Through a dual-paned, tempered-glass side panel, an RGB light bar displays the 360-degree perspective of the interior.

The use of an all-metal Dual system pc case and sandblasting processing on the front panel gives the computer case an appealing appearance and a satisfyingly metallic feel. TRANSMISSION OF THE TYPE C: Type-C transmission standard, facilitating the use of a wide variety of popular external storage devices and facilitating data transmission. GAMEMAX Dual system pc case was designed for those who are unconquerable, whether they be in the gaming world or in real life. Whoever is unreasonable and unrelenting. Those few who defy convention and aim high. 

The world is full with opportunities for those who seek them. With more than a decade of experience making dual system pc cases, PSU, peripherals, and hardware, you can rest assured that you are getting the best gear for your gaming rig from us. GameMxa’s products have always been built around the idea that “a good product is based on technology,” which the company has consistently stuck to. Incorporating imaginative flair and aesthetic appeal, our team prioritises gamers’ most basic requirements. The pursuit of innovation drives all of our efforts, as we strive to not only be the best in quality and utility, but also to surpass expectations with our Dual system pc case designs.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Josh purchased this product and reviewed that Wow. Easy to build in case. Pro’s extremely light so this is a case fairly portable even without a carry handle. Finish Thank you game max for taking away the cringe RGB fest and flat black and leaving a nice gray finish that looks more suitable for businesses, homes, and offices. Read more…

FSP Gaming/Streaming Case ETAX/ATX/Mini- ITX, Dual-System, Open Frame PC Computer with 2 Tempered Glass Panels,

FSP Gaming/Streaming Case ETAX/ATX/Mini- ITX, Dual-System, Open Frame PC Computer with 2 Tempered Glass Panels, Aluminum Case, ARGB Center Light Bar (CMT710R)

Dual water-cooling chambers | Dual 360mm radiator support. Built-in cable organizer and centralized storage. Open frame pc case Compatibility with a wide variety of motherboards; two ARGB lighting effects; USB Type-C support; tempered glass; aluminium frame. Please be aware that US-standard electrical plugs are used in products sold elsewhere. Because sockets and voltage levels vary from country to country. 

You may need an adapter or converter to use this device overseas. Before making a purchase, be sure to check for compatibility. The T-WINGS open frame pc case chassis is a technological concoction with a symmetrical layout and two contrasting hues (Gold and Red). The dual-chassis dual system pc case setup allows custom PC builders to create a work of beauty that can be admired from all sides. Open-Air Anodized Structure. 

The anodized open-air frame is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making it a top choice for PC professionals.  T-WING open frame pc case allows for the addition of 120 mm fans, allowing for the use of two 360 mm radiators, guaranteeing that your cooling performance will never falter. Unique Port for Cables, With the T-WINGS, your construction will be neat and organized thanks to the dedicated cable management compartment located in the chassis’s central core. 

Core Architecture with Two Chassis, the primary system’s dual chassis dual system pc case architecture is intended for custom high-end PC setups capable of running the most demanding games or video editing software. The dual chassis open frame pc case permits the construction of a second, smaller PC system with an SFX PSU for use in streaming or other light-duty operations. T-WINGS are a time- and labor-saving device because to the extra space they provide their owners whether at home or in the workplace. 

Mini-ITX motherboards of this dual system pc case offer a wide range of capabilities and can be used in both the primary system and the secondary system, which supports up to EATX motherboard sizes for extreme gaming workstations and high-end desktop systems. Strong aluminium and tempered glass panels measuring 4 mm in thickness will shield expensive internal components while providing optimal ventilation for efficient heat dissipation. Two high-end PC systems can be housed in a single chassis thanks to the innovative T-WINGS design.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Angel Melgar purchased this product and reviewed that Awesome design. Came in quickly, awesome look to it.

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