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By: Nazia Abid

Since the pc cases were designed to sit on desks and were frequently reinforced to hold heavy outdated CRT displays, they were originally known as desktop cases. Today, the phrase has been replaced by “media center case,” as these are designed to house PCs alongside all of your other entertainment equipment. When constructing a custom computer, you are free to choose the case you like and the components that work with it. As a result, there is a wide range of PC cases. 

PC cases come in a variety of shapes and form factors. But because of installation problems and space limitations, consumers frequently choose horizontal pc case. A horizontal PC case is a good choice because these cases are suitable for high-capacity PC components in a small form factor while having a bigger footprint and a height of less than 10 inches. Before having a horizontal PC case, you should absolutely keep in mind some important aspects. 

In order for a PC case to be appropriate for your build, it must be compatible with the motherboard of your choosing. Even motherboard form factors, such ITX, ATX, micro ATX, and tiny ITX, are very diverse. Make sure your motherboard is listed as compatible with the case because just a few of these motherboards form factors are compatible with the cases. The size of the case is one of the primary factors in choosing a horizontal PC case over a traditional vertical one. 

Make sure the horizontal PC case‘s size is appropriate for your desk area before placing it on. As you may already be aware, horizontal PC cases take up substantially more space in terms of length and width than they do in terms of height. Checking the case’s compatibility with the CPU cooler and graphics card is equally important as checking the motherboard’s compatibility. Due to the size of the latest generation of graphics cards, it is much more crucial now. 

You may have be aware that high-capacity air CPU coolers are somewhat large in size. Additionally, because the horizontal PC case‘s height is already insufficient, it has a smaller range of compatibility with large CPU coolers. Now, if you are interested in buying a case, there are some ideas, through them you may find the best quality horizontal pc case.

Horizontal Pc Case Streetfighter Character Poster Display Pc Case Decor Full Hd 2k Multi-Mode Function (Horizontal, B2) Board With Led Lights For Computer

Vetroo Streetfighter Character Poster Display Board w/ LED Lights for Computer PC Case Decor Full HD 2K Multi-Mode Function 12.2" x 3.1" (Horizontal, B4)

Horizontal pc case provides the 2k full hd resolution streetfighter character image that adds appeal to your argument, there are three different lighting effects with selectable speeds and monochromatic cold white. Flashing, bright, and breathing. You can install horizontal pc case easily because the panel comes with double-sided tape, no screws or clips are required for installation. There are two types of vertical and horizontal connectors for you to select from, and the size of 250 x 80 x 6mm is ideal for the majority of computer cases. 

The best of all is that the panel is composed of recyclable and incredibly durable acrylic material. The weight of this item is 10.2 ounces. Product Dimensions are ‎12.2 x 3.15 x 0.24 inches. The measure of an image’s and text’s clarity on a screen is its resolution. For the majority, a more vivid viewing experience is correlated with better resolution. Horizontal pc case offers 2K full hd image because of streetfighter character. 

In addition to better visual quality, 2K resolution also provides players with a fast response time, high pixel density, and expanded colour space. Horizontal pc case is providing the finest gaming monitor resolution. This pc case has multi-mode with monochromatic cool white, there are three different changeable speed lighting effects. blinking, bright, and breathing. The horizontal pc case is very simple to install, the double-sided tape that is included with the panel makes installation unnecessary screws or fasteners.


 It should fit perfectly along the front of the PSU cover of a mid sized tower. The length is 12.2 inches according to the description. Measure where you want to put it to be safe but it should fit just fine.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Eric Bumanglagl purchased and commented “Love it.” Love the added effects this gave my case. I am waiting on the Evga list so please excuse the fact I am missing a graphics card at the moment. So while I wait, I decided to make my case look as pretty as possible. With this addition all I will need to do is maybe swap out… See more

Horizontal Pc Case For Thin ITX, Horizontal And Vertical Placement, Gaming Case, Simple And Stylish In Silver Color

PC Gaming Case, for ThinITX 170x170mm, Horizontal and Vertical Placement, Simple and Stylish,(Silver)

The horizontal pc case is best for gaming system. Metal that is used in this case in pure aluminum. Compatible motherboard includes. 170x170mm Thin ITX. Install a 2.5 inch hard disc with a height limit of approximately 28mm/1.1 inches. The horizontal pc case support for two 2.5-inch hard drives or one 3.5-inch hard drive. Front panel has USB 3.0 ports and a power switch key. One full-height baffle hole, one DC hole, and two WIFI holes make up the rear panel expansion hole. Vertical and horizontal placement, both are possible with this case. 

The horizontal pc case is suitable for gaming PCs at home, televisions in living rooms, hotel computers, digital signs, ad machines, self checkout terminals, etc. Package list includes, 1 x Case, 2 x Tie Belt and 19 x Screw. The horizontal pc case is made of an all-aluminum shell, the case is durable, simple, and fashionable.  

They are enable to provide you with an enjoyable and cozy pc experience, unblocked games, drama, and work. Horizontal pc case is fully appropriate for hotel computers, living room computers, and home gaming computers. They may also be used as a self-service terminal, advertising machine, or digital signage, among other things. This  horizontal pc case supports both horizontal and vertical placement, making it both attractive and useful.

Horizontal Pc Case, Phone Case, Litchi Texture Flip Leather Case With Wallet & Holder & Card Slots(Black) Smartphone Cover In Red Color

ZHANGJUN Phone PC Case Litchi Texture Horizontal Flip Leather Case for HTC U12 Life, with Wallet & Holder & Card Slots(Black) Smartphone Cover (Color : Red)

The camera, speakers, stand, and other ports all have ideal cutouts. This horizontal pc case has soft touch inside which provides added comfort and security. Shield your gadget against dust, scrapes, and shocks. This case is comfy for video conversations, watching shows, etc. This horizontal pc case has lavishing litchi texture, available in leather with wallet and holder and card slots in black color. This horizontal pc case is simple and convenient, cozy, and portable. It provides adequate protection for devices against typical scuffs, stains, wear and tear. 

All ports and buttons are easily accessible without removing the case it accurately receives signal. The horizontal pc cases keep the phone safe and well-protected, which lengthen its lifespan. These cases offer a distinctive way to customize your mobile phone based on your taste and personality in addition to providing protection from regular wear and tear. They provide adaptability and an application that properly fits mobile phones.

Horizontal Pc Case, Bag Knead Skin Texture Horizontal Flip Leather Case For Galaxy Tab With Photo Frame

Tablet PC Case Bag Knead Skin Texture Horizontal Flip Leather Case for Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 T720 / T725, with Photo Frame & Holder & Card Slots & Wallet(Black) Back Cover Case (Color : Brown)

The horizontal pc case package dimensions are ‎9.84 x 6.69 x 0.39 inches. Weight of this case is only ‎9.8 ounces and its texture is very soft  which means it does not create hardness to your product. Special feature of this case is card slots, you can keep cards in slots to access them easily and frequently.

This new and of the highest caliber model of horizontal pc case fits securely, has simple application and removal. For optimal protection, shield your tablet computer from shock, dust, and scratches. It enables quick access to all features without needing to remove the casing. You can also keep your frequently used cards in card slots. This case is available in charming brown color.

Horizontal Pc Case For 10 Inch, Universal Solid Color Horizontal Flip, Tablet Case, Leather Material With Card Slots

Tablet PC Case for 10 inch Universal Solid Color Horizontal Flip Leather Case with Card Slots & Holder & Pen Slot Smart Cover (Color : Red)

This horizontal pc case maintains the camera, speakers, stand, and other ports all ideal cutouts. Soft inside provides added comfort and security to your product. This case shields your gadget against dust, scrapes, and shocks, also built-in stand for video conferencing, watching TV, etc. Universal solid color horizontal flip leather case is available with card slots, a pen slot, and for devices up to 10 inches.

This horizontal pc case is simple, practical, comfy, and portable. It has good performance and a long service life. It offers thorough defense against common harm like dust, impact, scratch, and collision. Access to all buttons and ports is simple easy. The leather case is cleverly designed, has a card slot, and is both fashionable and well-liked.

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