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By:Aqsa Ishtiaq

"Tech Trends" found this white gaming pc case.

GAMDIAS minimalist pc case Technology was founded in 2012 by a team of gaming enthusiasts envisioning each of our products to contain the distinct characteristics of the gods in Greek Mythology. The first three letters GAM represents the fundamental essence of our drive, thus our slogan “Gaming Art in Motion”; and the latter four words DIAS is the Latin word for God. Lastly, creating a classical golden inverted triangle logo that contains the intent of the king of gods━ZEUS━to represent the unyielding spirit of every gamer.

According to research, instances ought to continually be minimalistpc case, as such instances supply an aesthetically captivating appearance and make your laptop seem first rate and clean. Although minimalist pc case instances seem simple, they have got all of the good-sized functions of an ordinary PC case.

 Picking and selecting the first-rate minimalist PC case to your subsequent construct is regularly puzzling, mainly while you do now no longer recognize what functions to search for to make the excellent choice. To prevent from the hassle, we’ve skimmed and scanned the high-quality feasible PC instances to be had withinside the market. Our listing will come up with a briefing at the seven quality alternatives out of dozens of fashions.

White gaming pc case,Minimalist PC case-Mid Tower Computer PC Case with Side Tempered Glass Panel and a Magnetic Dust Filter

ZEUS GAMDIAS White RGB Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer PC Case with Side Tempered Glass Panel and a Magnetic Dust Filter & 3 Built-in 120mm ARGB Fans

White gaming pc case instances are available in several shapes and sizes. Lately, we have got been seeing lots of colour alternatives too. Choosing a selected colour for a minimalist PCcase over the same old black colour comes right all the way down to non-public preference, really. The ones who have used a white gaming PC case could inform you that it makes your rig appearance greater top class and elegant. Truly price range instances are not normally painted white.

Radiator Support Top: 240mm / Front: 360mm、280mm / Rear: 120mm Fan Support Top: 2 x 120mm / Front: three x 120mm、2 x 140mm / Rear: 1 x 120mm / Bottom: 2 x 120mm Pre-mounted Fans Front: 2 x 120mm ARGB Fans / Rear: 1 x 120mm ARGB Fan Drive Bays 2 x three.5” or 1 x 2.5”   1 x three.5” (HDD Cage) / 2 x 2.5” I/O Port USB three. Zero x1, USB 2. zero x2, HD Audio x1, Fan LED Control x1 Clearance CPU cooler peak limitation: 160mm VGA period limitation: 300mm PSU duration limitation: 150mm

Product Feature:

  • The white gaming pc case is a top rate compact mid-tower case with an stylish snowy white outlook. Featuring three integrated 120mm ARGB fanatics, tempered glasses on each the front and aspect panel, and a PSU cowl layout for a minimalist layout.
  • A CLEAN OUTLOOK: The minimalist pc case is ready with three integrated 120mm ARGB enthusiasts displayed through tempered glass the front and aspect panels.
  • PSU SHROUD DESIGN: White gaming pc case is Building upon the internal splendor; a vented strength deliver shroud at the lowest of the case surrounds the PSU and flawlessly hides the cables.
  • Panoramic Tempered Glass All paintings must be seen. Display your inner rig with the 4mm tinted panoramic tempered glass facet panel. Let the masterpiece astonish complete planet!
  • ONE CLICK. SYNC ALL: TALOS E3 helps ARGB connection to like minded motherboards so that you can gain system-extensive lighting fixtures synchronization, making it less complicated to unite the case from chaos to calm.


Steel is far less likely to scratch, and dent compared to aluminum. With its thickness and durability, it also keeps noise levels and rattling to a minimum. Steel is also cheaper than aluminum, a benefit if you plan on building a system of your own.

Colour does affect heat absorption from light. This is because black absorbs all wavelengths of light and reflects none. White on the other hand reflects all wavelengths meaning it absorbs much less heat. So unless you kept you computer running outside on a sunny day it shouldn’t make any difference.

sRGB is an RGB color space that was developed by Microsoft and HP for digital use. It’s the most appropriate color space for computer screens and other digital devices, like tablets and smartphones.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Carrie: purchased this product and reviewed that “Great case for the price” This case is probably the best budget case I’ve used. There is a ton is space for wire management. The quality of the case seems to be well above the price point. I’ve used many cheaper cases, and this one has been by far my favorite to put together.

Minimalist pc case, Safe pc Compatible for apple iPhone 7 8 Phone case Minimalist Design

Safe pc Compatible for appleiphone 7 8 Phone case Minimalist Design Purple Blue Dog

All the goods are generic.Only on Safe computer well matched for apple iPhone 7 eight telecall smartphone Minimalist pc case. Durable ABS made up theSafe computer like minded for apple iPhone 7 eight telecellsmartphone case Minimalist pc case layout Purple Blue Dog.Safe computer well matched for apple iPhone 7 eight telecellsmartphone case Minimalist pc case layout Purple Blue Dog made through ABS.

To make a merchandise as you need: 1-Sending your custom layout picture toes (not much less than 800*800)- pay in your layout. Cool computer systems paintings better–the toward room temperature, the more secure the additives are and the quicker the CPU can run. Unless the PCs you are the use of are capable of perform in managed temperatures, the usual cooling structures might not be enough.

Product Feature:

  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with the iPhone eight Plus and iPhone 7 Plus only. Please look at your version earlier than purchasing.
  • A BETTER MINIMALIST PC CASE: Thicker than maximum flimsy minimalist pc case instances however nevertheless thinner than different bulkier offerings. The Moduro 1.5mm layout contours your iPhone flawlessly and gives the precise quantity of protection.
  • FULL PROTECTION: Features a display lip and digital digicam lip which lets in you to put your iPhone down front side or bottom with out demanding approximately scratching the display screen or digital digicam lens.
  • PERFECT FIT: Each cutout is cautiously engineered to offer the precise stability among publicity and coverage. The minimalist pc case rate port hollow is sized simply proper to permit aid for maximum 0.33 celebration accessories.


Basically, they’ll last forever. There is the potential that the USB ports or power switch could fail, or the technology could be become outdated, but you could replace these parts instead of buying a new case if you wanted to. The most likely course of action, your case will become outdated.

“Advanced Technology eXtended” is a form factor developed by Intel. Most PCs on the market use cases that fit the form factor specification.

Polycarbonate (PC) Advantages: Polycarbonate comes with a long list of benefits, especially when it comes to smartphone protection. PC phone cases are not only durable and strong but also flexible, weatherable, and affordable

Minimalist pc case, Galaxy S10 Minimalist Saxophone Style PC

Galaxy S10 Minimalist Saxophone Style PC Saxophonist Lover Case

Give you a cushy hand feeling while holding, your telecellsmartphone from scratches and dusts.COMPATIBLE: Please note, this minimalist pc case well suited for galaxy S10 only.

SLIM PROTECTIVE MINIMALIST STYLE: Minimalist pc case have held the unique beauty, provide you with snug grip, say bye to cumbersome look, pocket pleasant. Raised digital digicam lip and raised display lip defend your display and digital digicam flawlessly.

PREMIUM MATERIAL PERFECT GRIP: Made of top-class plastic cloth with matte finished, durable, grip-pleasant, and flawlessly shield your minimalist pc case from drop, shock, scratch, dust, fingerprint and marks.

PRECISE CUTOUTS: Precise cutouts for all, responsive button, meticulous raised digital digicam lip and raised display screen lip, specific speaker holes and charging port.The minimalist pc case is Our famous Samsung Galaxy S10 telecellsmartphone case layout permitting you to hold it with you whilst protective your telecellsmartphone each step of the way.

Product Feature:

  • Minimalist pc case Saxophone Style PC Saxophonist Lover, Saxophone Player, Musical Instrument, Musical Lover, Jazz Music, Jazz Musician, Jazz Lover
  • Two-element shielding case crafted from a top rate scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell and surprise absorbent TPU liner protects in opposition to drops
  • Printed withinside the USA- Made of high-quality PC.
  • Minimalist pc case is Lightweight and ultra slim case
  • Plain, withlogo-Anti-fingerprint and anti-fouling
  • Camera protection, avoid scratches, Drop resistance at all four corners
  • Fits your phone perfectly-Function: non-slip, shockproof, anti-scratch, anti-drop, wear-resistant
  • Designed with real phone model the slim case fits your phone perfectly, it’s easy to install and remove.


If all the components are dispersing heat into a small area, such as the inside of a PC case, the ambient temperature can quickly rise. If the case is not properly ventilated, the hot air can result in the system overheating, and performance can suffer as a result.

Hard plastic phone cases are better because they are made up of polycarbonate which is strong. This results in it is lasting a long time. It can confidently take impact and best of all, this material is affordable. Silicone is soft and can easily wear out.

Hard plastic phone cases are better because they are made up of polycarbonate which is strong. This results in it is lasting a long time. It can confidently take impact and best of all, this material is affordable. Silicone is soft and can easily wear out.

Hard Plastic   PC is more rigid and hard, while TPU is slightly softer and more flexible (but still not as soft as silicone and rubber). Both types of plastic are great at maintaining their shape, making them a durable option for people who are tough on their phone cases.

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