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By: Hafsa Nawaz

The simplest way to describe a dual tray printer is to say that it is a laser printer with two distinct paper trays. Legal paper size (8″ x 14) will be available in one paper tray and ordinary letter size (8″ x 11.5″) in the other. Because of the way this dual tray laser printer operates, each page will be produced on the proper paper size even if the source document contains pages in both the letter and legal paper sizes.

Printing on Two Trays with Two Paper Sizes on dual tray laser printer: Naturally, the loan signing system training covers this rather thoroughly, but it wasn’t until I started receiving loan packages that I realized just how significant this was to signature services, loan officers, and mortgage brokers when they received a finished package from the notary.

The printing of legal papers on the incorrect size of paper could delay loan funding and potentially cost the bank thousands of dollars, almost every signature service made clear in its instructions. The kind of pressure to get your printing perfect is very intense from dual tray printer.

Previous printer that was so unreliable, but this dual tray printer was incredibly dependable in terms of modern printers. This printer as a free trial for review, and it gave me peace of mind for any crucial documents. Exceptionally good wireless printer Easy setup, quick printing, multi-page batch scanning, speedy fax setup, quick copies, and large paper capacity. Quick speeds for black-and-white printing of high quality

Brother HL-L6200DW Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer, dual tray printer, Duplex Printing

Brother HL-L6200DW Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer with Duplex Printing (Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready)

Dual tray printer HL-L6200DW is the only office printer you need if your company has larger print volumes and needs one with a lot of paper capacity. With print speeds of up to 48 sheets per minute and new toner cartridge with super high yield of 12,000 pages, this Brother monochrome office printer boosts corporate productivity and efficiency. Offices can print continually without needing to replace the tray often thanks to its 520-sheet capacity and the flexibility to install another tray with the same capacity. 

The paper tray can accommodate letter- and legal-sized paper, and a separate 50-sheet multi-purpose tray enables printing on alternate media types including envelopes. Advanced security measures on dual tray printer HL-L6200DW assist safeguard your important documents and limit access to the system and network. Simplicity of printing wirelessly from your mobile device will be appreciated by your entire crew and any guests to your office.

  • Brand Technology for Brother Connectivity Laser special features include optional paper trays, a 520-sheet capacity paper tray, and a super high-yield replacement cartridge. USB, Gigabit Ethernet, and Wi-Fi Printing Technology
  • Color Black/grey:
  • Office, home, and recommended uses for the product L6200DW Printer Output Monochrome Max Print speed 48 ppm of best dual tray printer.
  • Operating Systems Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • This dual tray printer is perfect for busy offices with a print speed of up to 48 ppm. Additionally, it provides sharp, clear text and superb images.
  • With the help of two adjustable paper trays with a combined capacity of 520 sheets and a 50-sheet multipurpose tray of a dual tray printer, you can manage your huge print jobs with ease. For an increase in capacity, add paper trays with capacities of 520 sheets or 250 sheets for a total input capacity of 1,610 sheets.


Never purchase this printer. For my business, I’ve bought more than 30, and after a year, they all fail. We now use the Lexmark ms610dn, which is available for a significant discount through the end of July if you order it with the word “dell” on it (3460). The fuser on Brother is broken. The Dell will perform all of your tasks more quickly, quietly, and affordably. A 20,000 page aftermarket toner cartridge costs roughly $180. That works out to about.006 cents per page. However, the drum costs roughly $35. cheaper than my brother by a much

I think this is the most recent version. I recently unpacked this model and replaced my 5470. It is wireless, ethernet, and USB. However, neither of the cords are included. You’ll have to provide those.

Yes, the beginning toner package is present. Just use this toner for extra 8000 pages: http://amzn.to/2FbZERb. This link will provide you toner. You will enjoy the product and didn’t face any difficulty.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jay purchased dual tray printer and reviewed that Perfect for occasional large (5000+ page) printing tasks. Twice a year I need to print date(s) and an address on pre-printed, full color, thin, single page invitations. I used to use a local print shop, however the cost was significant. This printer is able to print the required information using a simple word document with a text box in the correct location for about $30 in toner. Read more…

HP LaserJet Pro M404dw Wireless Monochrome Printer, built-in Ethernet & 2-sided printing, dual tray printer (W1A56A)

HP LaserJet Pro M404dw Wireless Monochrome Printer with built-in Ethernet & 2-sided printing (W1A56A)

The HP LaserJet Pro M404dw dual tray printer keeps up with how you actually operate, interact, and complete tasks because it is designed to keep your organization moving forward. This monochrome dual tray printer is made to free up your time so you can concentrate on expanding your business and keeping step ahead of competition thanks to its quick print rates, best-in-class security, and built-in Ethernet capabilities. With HP Eco Smart Black 

Toner and HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology, this black-and-white dual tray printer is likewise built with the environment in mind. It can save up to 18% more energy than previous models. Speed through tasks with this black and whit laser printer’s automated 2-sided printing, 250-sheet input tray, quick first page out time, and print speeds of up to 40 pages per minute. Stay connected with Ethernet, dual-band Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct features while printing wirelessly with or without using the network.

  • Brand Connectivity Technology from HP Laser Special Feature USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Printing Technology 550-Sheet Optional Paper Tray, Network-Ready, Simple Out-of-Box Setup, Easy Cartridge Replacement, HP Eco-Smart Black Toner, 2-Line LCD Display, Compact Design, Fast First Page Out, Auto-Duplex, HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology HP Eco-Smart Black Toner, 2-Line LCD Display, Network-Ready, Easy Cartridge Replacement, Simple Out-of-Box Setup, Auto-Duplex, HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology, 550-Sheet Optional Paper Tray.
  • Color Black/White of dual tray printer:
  • Office, home, Recommended Uses for Product Model Name
  • Version Before: M404dw
  • Max Print Speed for Monochrome Output 40 ppm in monochrome
  • Operating Systems Android, Mac, Linux
  • Designed to keep your company moving forward. HP LaserJet Pro M404dw dual tray printer monochrome laser printer produces consistently excellent documents so you can concentrate on expanding your company.
  • With security features integrated into dual tray printer hardware, firmware, and OS SPEED THROUGH TASKS, you can protect corporate data and prevent cyberattacks.


Yes, this printer does have a multipurpose tray that you can use. The tray is located above the regular paper tray where the HP logo is. Here are some instructions on how to load the paper into that tray: https://support.hp.com/ie-en/product/hp-laserjet-pro-m404-m405-series/19203833/model/19202542/document/c06396236

The 58A toner cartridge that comes with the M404dw is rated at 3000 pages. That’s the same number of pages as the replacements you can purchase. Enjoy the product you will not face any difficulty.

I can’t directly comment for this printer because I haven’t had it long enough for the toner to run out. However, I can confirm that the numerous HP LaserJet printers I’ve previously purchased continue to print even when the toner is low. Where the toner is low, the print begins to fade slightly or to smear. In those circumstances, I remove the cartridge, shake it, and reinstall it so that I can print a few more pages. Hope this is useful.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Oly Fish purchased dual tray printer and reviewed that Running LINUX? get this~!!. It’s a bullet proof little printer and fast fast. I’ve had the Brother MFC All in one it was garbage all my envelopes always came out all wrong or crooked. I am forever sworn off all those muti-function all in one gizmos they are all trash I am done forever with Color inkjets. They are all garbage
You wanna printer get this one

Dual Tray Printer, Brother HL-L6200DWT Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer, Dual Paper Trays

Brother HL-L6200DWT Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer with Duplex Printing and Dual Paper Trays (Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready)

The HL-L6200DWT is only dual tray printer you need if your company has larger print volumes and needs trustworthy, quick office printer with a large paper capacity. With print speeds of up to 48 sheets per minute and high-quality output at 12,000 pages per replacement toner cartridge, this Brother monochrome office printer boosts corporate productivity and efficiency. Offices can print constantly without frequently refilling thanks to the twin 520-sheet capacity trays and the potential to add another 520-sheet capacity tray. 

The paper trays can accommodate letter and legal-sized paper, and a separate multipurpose tray with 50-sheet capacity enables users to print on envelopes and other forms of alternative media. HLL6200DWT dual tray printer business laser printer is covered by a 1-year limited warranty from Brother, company committed to providing excellent customer service. Additionally, we provide free on-site assistance for duration of your product, including online, telephone, or live chat support.

  • Brand Technology for Brother Connectivity Laser special feature optional paper trays, super high-yield replacement cartridge, and dual 520-sheet paper trays. USB, Gigabit Ethernet, and Wi-Fi Printing Technology of dual tray printer.
  • Color Black/gray
  • Office, home, and recommended uses for product Model number HL
  • Maximum monochrome print speed for printers is 48 ppm.
  • Operating Systems Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Black print speed of dual tray printer is up to 48ppm might help you enhance your productivity.
  • Print expert business documents at resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi with bold, crisp text and sharp graphics.
  • Backlit LCD panel for simple menu selection and navigation
  • Standard Interfaces:
  • Gigabit Ethernet, Wireless 802.11b/g/n, Hi-Speed USB 2.0
  • Technology for connectivity:
  • USB, Gigabit Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.
  • Advanced security measures on the HL-L6200DWT dual tray printer assist safeguard your sensitive data and limit access to system and network. It’s simple and adaptable to connect to this Brother monochrome laser printer.


How can you get both trays on your MacBook Pro to print? I’m attempting to understand this. My legal-sized paper is also too large for the tray. The tray is set to legal, but the paper is excessively large, which is driving me mad!

It *does not* automatically detect that there is paper (or a label, or an envelope, or anything else) in the Multipurpose tray, therefore you must set it to the proper source when printing, unlike other Brother printers. The CS representative informed me that the automated sense feature was disabled on the 6200 when I phoned Brother to discuss this.

Yes, you can as the computer has that selected. You must make these decisions while configuring the printer, though. Videos on how to do this can be found on YouTube. Envelopes and legal-sized paper cannot be used in the extra tray. This is mentioned in the details under “Brother Printer LT6500 Paper Tray” on this page.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kathy purchased dual tray printer and reviewed that  For work. Bought this cause it was recommended and it works great.

Dual Tray Printer, Brother Business Color Laser Printer, Wireless Networking, Automatic Duplex Printing (HL-L8360CDWT)

Brother Business Color Laser Printer, HL-L8360CDWT, Wireless Networking, Automatic Duplex /Mobile/ Cloud Printing, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready

The Brother dual tray printer HL-L8360CDWT is the best option for companies looking for durable and reasonably priced color laser printer with a big paper capacity. This commercial color laser printer has two paper trays that can hold 250 and 500 sheets each, and it can print both black and color pages at a rate of up to 33 pages per minute. The overall page capacity is increased to 800 pages by adding a second multipurpose tray with 50-sheet capacity for printing envelopes and other media. 

The integrated automatic duplex printing tool lowers your printing expenses while creating two-sided papers, brochures, presentations, and booklets that appear professional. The Brother dual tray printer HL-L8360CDWT is easy and practical to connect to. Users can share the printer with other people on their network thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet ports. Using their mobile devices to print is equally simple for users.

  • Brother brand connectivity USB, Gigabit Ethernet, and Wi-Fi of dual tray printer
  • Technology of printing Laser Special Feature
  • Touchscreen, Dual Trays, Cloud Services Direct Print, NFC, Super High Yield Replacement Cartridges, USB Host for USB Flash Memory Drive Printing
  • Color White
  • Office, home, Recommended Uses for Product Model Name
  • Wireless Networking – D Printer Output Color Maximum Print Speed (Color) 33 ppm Max Print-speed Brother Business Color Laser Printer HL-L8360CDWT
  • 33 ppm
  • The Brother dual tray printer HLL8360CDWT has a maximum print speed of 33 pages per minute and can produce business documents with a significant impact. CPU (Processor) Dual paper trays with capacities of 250 sheets and 500 sheets allow busy workgroups to print with fewer interruptions.
  • Speed (MHz):
  • 800 Large Paper Capacity, Expandable
  • Versatile Connectivity:
  • Gigabit Ethernet or wireless network connections can be used to connect, or you can wirelessly print from a mobile device.


It’s just a printer, after all. The MFCL8900CDW, which is the same printer but has scanning and copying features, would be preferable for scanning. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BGZSS6U. Enjoy the product.

The 50 sheet multi-purpose tray can be supplemented with an optional 250-sheet or 500-page paper tray, giving you a total of 3 paper trays. A total capacity of 1,300 sheets is possible.

Please use the following URL to contact our customer support staff if you have any further inquiries about the machine characteristics; we would be pleased to help. http://www.brother-usa.com/askus/default.aspx?PGID=1&R3ModelID=HLL8360CDWT

  • Size and Weight of the Package
  • 23.37 inches tall, 32.12 inches wide, and 34.25 inches long.
  • Weight of the Package 92.20 pounds

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Coder 83 purchased dual tray printer and reviewed that Great Printer. I love Brother printers. I own 4. I buy compatible ink and it does me fine. Brother has great printers but the ink is just too expensive.

Dual L6400DWt Laser PRINTER, MONO, dual tray printer (Black)

Mid-sized workgroups with demanding print volumes should use a reliable monochrome dual tray printer for business. Super high-yield in-box toner cartridge produces 12,000 pages, and an ultra-high yield replacement toner cartridge produces 20,000 pages at an even lower cost per page. Advanced security features for network user authentication, like as integrated NFC card reader. Dual paper trays with a combined capacity of 520 sheets each plus a 50-sheet multipurpose tray as base capacity are extensible to 1,610 sheets total with an add-on tray. 

Duplex printing that is automatic. Dual tray printer sided printing Ethernet/wireless Gigabit networking. Utilizing a wireless network, print from mobile devices. Expandable with an optional add-on mailbox finisher. Prints at speed of up to 52 ppm and resolution of up to 1200 dpi. Touchscreen display in color, 1.8″. 52 ppm is the maximum print speed for black; networking is supported; Paper input capacity is 520 of dual tray printer.

  • Brand Brother Ethernet Printing Laser Special Wireless Feature Technology Connectivity of dual tray printer
  • Plain Paper Print Model Name L6400DWT Recommended Uses
  • Maximum monochrome print speed for printers is 50 ppm.
  • Weight of Item: 17300 Grams
  • Dimensions of the product: 15.59″D x 15.75″W x 16.54″H
  • One unit per sale.
  • Business-grade construction with up to 52 ppm of quick, high-quality printing.
  • A super high-yield 12,000-page in-box cartridge and an ultra-high yield 20,000-page replacement cartridge result in a low total cost of operation.
  • Dual paper trays with a capacity of 520 sheets each are standard, along with a multipurpose tray with a capacity of 50 sheets for envelopes or other media types. With optional add-on trays, the total capacity can be increased to 1,610 sheets.
  • To prevent unwanted access to the device in the dual tray printer, advanced security mechanisms including an integrated NFC card reader for network user authentication are used.


Yes, the printer will split the print jobs for letter and legal and send them to the appropriate drawers. You will enjoy the product and didn’t face any difficulty about this item. Don’t worry. Thank you.

  • The media size is legal, 8.50″ x 14,” thus yes.
  • Types of Media & Handling
  • Media Size: 3″ x 5″ Media Size: Legal – 8.50″ x 14″
  • A5 (5.80″ x 8.30″) is the media size.
  • A4 is 8.30″ x 11.70″ in size, while Letter is 8.50″ x 11″.
  • A6 (4.10″ x 5.80″) is the media size.
  • Custom Size for Media
  • Legal size is 8.50″ x 14,” whereas executive size is 10.50″ x 7.25″
  • Three input/multipurpose trays have been installed.
  • Normal Input Capacity for Media: 1090 Sheets

The model is HL-L6400DWT dual tray printer. Having LSR, MONO and dual trays for printing. This item will fulfill every demand according to your needs. Enjoy the product and if you face any issue you can contact us any time.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

KeyNoteS purchased dual tray printer and reviewed that Does what it’s supposed to. No complaints. A little pricey but reliable.

HP Laser Jet MFP M234dwe, Auto Duplex Printing, Bluetooth, Dual Tray Printer, Cbmou External Webcam (Gray)

Original Product title.... Original Product title.... Original Product title.... Original Product title....

The HP dual tray printer LaserJet MFP M234dwe is ideal for small businesses publishing black and white forms, reports, and business documents since it has quick print speeds, precise two-sided printing, as well as scan and copy capabilities. It comes with the HP+ Smart Printing System, which is always safe, up to date, and prepared to print from almost anywhere at any time.

BEST FOR HOME OFFICES AND SMALL BUSINESSES: Forms, reports, and other high-quality black-and-white documents can be printed, scanned, and copied. Fastest two-sided printing in its class, including wireless connectivity, scan, copy, and black-and-white precision laser printing

HP+ SMART PRINTING SYSTEM: HP+ gives your printer the ability to a plan ahead, making it safer, more effective, and available when you need it. This dual tray printer, which is a component of the connected HP+ system, needs an HP account, an internet connection, and only supports Original HP Toner.

  • Apple iOS Scanner Type Flatbed Compatible Devices Brand HP Connectivity Technology Ethernet Printing Technology Laser Special Feature Wireless Color Grey Series MFP Printer Output Monochrome Controller Type
  • Monochrome printers are not color printers; they are black-and-white printers. HP’s LaserJet MFP M234dwe Wireless Monochrome All-in-One dual tray printer lets you print, scan, and copy.
  • The device has a 150-sheet input tray that can accommodate paper up to 8.5 x 14 when used as printer “. With a fine-line resolution of 600 x 600 dpi for clear text and documents and black print speeds of up to 30 ppm, printing capabilities are superb. An 8.5 x 11.7 “The flatbed scanner makes it simple to scan and copy, and it has a copy speed of up to 30 cpm.
  • The dual tray printer M234dwe also includes integrated dual-band Wi-Fi, and mobile printing is supported by Apple Air-Print, Mopria, and the HP Smart App.


Yes. I just use that in this printer. For the record, I actually like this printer. This can feed 8 ½ x 11 sheets. You will enjoy this product and didn’t face any difficulty. This product contains many features according to today’s needs.

Only letters and legal documents can print, not 11 x 17. This product print legal documents. You can print this type of documents from another printer. You can contact us any time. Thank you for your patience.

I’ve got Wi-Fi. But you can also connect usb. It is not an issue. You can connect easily and get your documents printed very neatly and easily. You will enjoy this product features and didn’t face any issue.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Bill M purchased dual tray printer and reviewed that great printer. This printer works like a charm

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