What is Printer?

By : Adnan Alin

A printer is a hardware device and output device of a computer system. The main function of a printer is to print, the printer is capable of printing any type of document and picture.

Through the printer, you print the softcopy document of the computer as a hard copy document. The printed document or picture of the printer is called output data. In this post, we discuss parts of the printer.

4 Read Basic Fundamental of Computer System

1. Paper Support

Paper Support is the main part of the printer, through which the paper is in a unit before being printed. Unit means in a straight line.
Paper support is the reason why a lot of paper is held together, without paper support no paper will print properly.
Paper supports are used in printers to hold the papers that are used to send them to the printer when the printing process starts.
By doing this the printers are able to print properly on the paper and the papers are also ready to be printed one by one.

2. Sheet feeder

The sheet feeder is also the main part of a printer, the sheet feeder is below the paper support or you can call it the sheet feeder is the part below the paper support.
The main function of the sheet feeder is to keep the blank paper in one place so that when the printer starts printing, it uses the blank paper from the sheet feeder. This is just the work of the Sheet Feeder.
The sheet feeder appears to have two rolling pins that allow the paper to come between them, to ensure that the blank paper is straight and completely ready to print.
I hope you understand this.

3. Printer Cover

The printer cover is also the main part of a printer, you can also call the Printer Cover the outer part of the printer.
A printer Cover is used to cover the mechanical parts of the printer.
This printer cover is very important for many printers because it protects the printer from external dust and dirt so that your printer does not get damaged and lasts for a long time.
You can open or close the printer cover according to your condition.Like you open the printer cover only when the printer gets damaged or the printer has to be serviced, then the printer cover is opened to repair the printer in this situation.

I hope you understand this.

4. Output Tray

An output tray is also the part of a printer, which is used to receive the printed paper after the paper is printed.Or you can say that this part is very important to get the output from the printer.
According to the printer, this part is not that important because having or not having this part does not hinder the printing work of the printer.
But according to me, this part is very important for the printer because if the part is not there, the printed paper will come out from the printer, then that printed paper will be scattered as soon as it comes out.


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